a day in the life


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 // lounging about with a new read (yet to be finished) //

 this happens to be a super short recap of life lately (through instagram snapshots). i have weeks worth of photos built up and ready to be posted, so get ready for an influx of instagrams during the last few weeks of fall.


// a life-changing meal of fried fish and potato wedges //


// pumpkin patching with the little brother a long, long time ago //


// a little glimpse into fall decorations //


// caramel apples with butterfingers and chocolate drizzle = wow //


// saying goodbye to new york before heading back to georgetown //


// inslee continues to be my ultimate favorite //

the lust list


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the lust list classics


anything and everything inslee // the coolest speaker i have ever seen // hand towels that get a little wild // the perfect everyday bag // the ultimate red lipstick // these booties are the definition of lustworthy // i’m not usually a pearl earring kind of girl, but i love these 

there’s obviously a theme here… a little bit of classic red, sleek black, pearls, and some basics. this year i have worn a lot more black clothing than i used to. there’s something so easy about throwing on a black leather skirt and top or even a black dress. it looks like you’re put together, even though i might have just rolled out of bed. add in a red lip, and you’re good to go. from the title of my blog you may be able to tell i have a thing for lipstick, and that’s an understatement. i love lip color, whether it’s plum or nude, and i especially love bite’s products. they make insanely pretty lip colors and they smell amazingly good. lisi lerch’s earrings are a dupe for oscar de la renta’s tassel earrings, and won’t destroy your wallet. also they’re not heavy, even though they look otherwise. if you want a unique speaker that sounds UNBELIEVABLY GOOD, restoration hardware has you covered. seriously. i went into the store, plugged in my phone, and sat there listening to “all i want” by kodaline for a good amount of time (not dramatic at all). plus, it’s completely natural… no electricity needed. finally, i will continue to dream about those shoes and that bag, and one day when i have my own place i will be getting those hand towels.

giving thanks


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1782008_10152316284348694_986948137_nthe year is officially speeding by. i feel like i’m always saying that on here, but it’s true. i have no idea where the time goes, and i find myself wondering when it became the week before thanksgiving. even though i’m more than excited to go home, there’s something bittersweet about this upcoming thanksgiving. it’s my last time leaving college for thanksgiving break, and this thanksgiving will be different… but i’m okay with that, and if anything, i’m accepting of the fact that it will be different. something i’ve learned in the last few years (and the last few months) is not only that i’m stronger than i think, but also that it’s okay to not always be strong. this post is not how i planned it out to be; instead i was ready to post a collection of instagram photos from the past few weeks, but i guess i started writing this because i needed to. as thanksgiving approaches i realize how grateful i am for my family and friends and everything that i have been blessed with. while some of my family isn’t here with me today, it’s something that i’ve gotten better at coming to peace with. peace is a good word to describe it, but also a weird word to describe a relationship with someone’s death; this summer was tough, due to the loss of my aunt, and all the emotions and struggle that come with that. however, as thanksgiving approaches i’m grateful for my family, for my friends, and for all the opportunities i’ve had in the past few years of my life. this thanksgiving, i feel truly grateful, and while there’s a lot i can fixate on and worry over, i need to remember to always appreciate everything. i’m rambling now and my thoughts are all over the place, and i’ll have some thanksgiving cooking and “lifestyle” posts up soon, but for now i’m going to call it and leave you all with one of my favorite quotes.

“as we express our gratitude we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – jfk

meet meg


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i’ve done this once before, but i figured it’s time for round two…

1. from the picture above you may be able to tell what i’m getting at… i love elvis presley. love. i’ve seen all his movies, been to graceland, have an elvis pillow, books, and shirts. i also love johnny cash, but there’s something about elvis.

tumblr_ne5eatEyem1rl727go1_12802. showers are amazing and i love them. there’s nothing like an amazing shower, but i love taking baths. if i could take a bath everyday i would. give me candles, a book, and bath bombs and i am happy.

3. i am very particular about certain things, especially when it comes to organization. if i notice something is a bit messed up, i have to fix it. if i’m stressed out i clean to calm down, and it actually soothes me. (i get it from my mama)

tumblr_nel50jiQ4h1rqy6sqo1_12804. breakfast food is EVERYTHING. i love eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles and i love to make them. there’s something special about making breakfast food and i think it goes back to memories of growing up.

5. i usually need to listen to music to fall asleep at nighttime, but it has to be soothing… so edm is avoided and i stick to m83, bon iver, hozier, kodaline, etc.

6. more often than not you can find me baking. i’ve loved baking since i was little, and my dream of all dreams is to one day open a bakery. i even have plans for it in a notebook that i’ve had for years…

tumblr_ndwl2jjQzI1qe7cyro1_5007. rainy weather is where it’s at. yes, i love the sun, and i love fall days and snow more than a lot, but there’s something about rain. i love curling up with a book or watching tv, a chai latte and a cup of soup, and just being cozy. best feeling in the world (not to be dramatic or anything)

8.  i have a serious love/hate (emphasis on hate) relationship with chocolate. i can’t eat chocolate by itself, it makes me sick. i don’t like chocolate ice cream, or brownies, or sweets that are too chocolatey and end up being way too rich. on the other hand, i love reese’s peanut butter cups, chocolate chips that don’t have too many chips, etc. basically i’m a diva about chocolate and you get the idea…

austin-postcard-mural-19. something on my bucket list is traveling the united states. there are so many cities i want to see (austin, nashville, charleston, denver, portland, and seattle to name a few) and my hope to travel to them is growing. i already know i’m going to fall in love with all of them.

10. i’m a really big basketball fan. while the knicks are my home team, my love isn’t limited to them only. i love nba basketball in general and like to watch almost any game. also… my #1 nba crush is marc gasol.


link loving


these tiny homes are some of the coolest things i’ve ever seen

i have a thing for evil eye bracelets (especially because mine broke)  

i think it’s time to rematch friday night lights

i am too excited for the new avengers movie  

these are some seriously pretty pillow covers 

if you like coconut, this drink seems like it might be for you

just another reason to love kevin spacey  

hozier can do no wrong in my eyes 

getting excited to head back to new york for thanksgiving 

this is halloween (a week later)


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photo 3i have a lot of feelings about the fact that i just celebrated my last halloween at georgetown. the weekend itself was great, the weather was amazing, but there were moments when i realized that this is it. i remember my freshman year halloween like it was yesterday, and now i’m here in my final year and i have so many fixed feelings about it. in the past three years i’ve grown so much, learned so much about myself, and dealt with so much, and i feel more “me” than i think i ever have before. as i get closer to graduation i definitely will have more introspective posts on here, but for now i’m going to keep it light. back to halloween… i went through three costumes last weekend and i loved all of them. the first was a “the lost boys” inspired punk vampire, so imagine lots of fake blood and very realistic fangs and spikes. the other night i went as a sons of anarchy character and for trick-or-treating on embassy row i rocked my space jam costume. i tried to go out with a bang (and managed to scare a few people), and every halloween serves to remind me how much i love the holiday. although i don’t want to rush ahead, it’s time to prep for thanksgiving, so recipe research here i come.

roasted sugar pumpkin (with some extra sugar)

roasted sugar pumpkin (with some extra sugar)

it's not real blood… or is it?

it’s not real blood… or is it?

looks may be deceiving, but it actually tasted good

looks may be deceiving, but it actually tasted good

mötley crüe

mötley crüe

d.i.y. crow tattoos (do not try at home)

d.i.y. crow tattoos (do not try at home)

i love inslee


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i want to be an art collector, specifically an art collector of inslee’s work. my first time seeing her illustrations was a few years ago when i was scrolling through tumblr and i’ve been obsessed ever since. i consider myself to be very creative, but sadly i can’t paint… if i could though, i imagine it would be something like inslee’s paintings. not only do i have all of her calendars, but her prints are also next level. a few of them are framed on my wall and i love them more than life itself (that’s a bit dramatic, but i’m trying to explain my love). two years ago i commissioned a piece by her (my georgetown girl) and it’s my pride and joy. i love her and will treasure her forever. if you ever want some inspiration head on over to her blog, because i promise you’ll spend a ridiculous amount of time looking through her illustrations. also, i may or may not have just ordered a set of her holiday cards… it’s never too early to get started.


walk the walk


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ballet flats // stubbs & wootton loafers // nike blazers // barrett booties // stella pumps 

i am a big fan of shoes. let’s pretend that i’m not weirdly a 9 1/2 that straddles the line between a nine and ten, that my feet aren’t wide, and that finding shoes on zara’s website is easy. the struggles (but they aren’t truly struggles, just be being dramatic). anyhow, j.crew is killing the shoe game at the moment. every shoe pictured above can be found on their website, and they happen to have 30% off sale and 25% off of regular price items… so if you happen to be waiting to make a purchase, now is your time. the slippers by stubbs & wootton are WAY out of my price range, but a girl can dream. on the other hand, the nike blazers, the stella pumps and the lattice suede ballet flats are all on sale… a.k.a. they are one hell of a temptation, but i will resist. if there is any chance the barrett booties go on sale though, there will be no stopping me.

link loving


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this past week the world got some amazing news… EVERY SEASON OF FRIENDS ON NETFLIX beginning in january 2015. these are some of the best episodes from one of my favorite shows.

i’ve gone through a ridiculous amount of this perfume in a short amount of time (ask my roommate, she’s the one who noticed)

everything about this bag is great

my forever fall song

my tumblr is something i spend more time on than i would like to admit

this cake is what has been missing from my life

jennifer lawrence is my girl 

wrap dresses and snakeskin… two of my favorite things.



the fall to do list


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The Fall To-Do List

go on buzzfeed during the fall and you’ll find a countless amount of articles talking about what it means to be “basic.” apparently liking the fall makes you a basic person… well if that’s the case then screw it, i’m basic. in all honesty though, how does enjoying the leaves changing or wearing sweaters make you this way? if it’s cold, i’m going to wear a sweater, like any normal person would. but seriously, fall and winter are my two favorite times of the year, no shame in admitting it… once i can start baking apple pies or pumpkin cinnamon rolls, i’m in my own version of heaven. throw in a little frank sinatra or hozier to this cooking scenario, and i’m good to go. i’ve already decorated with candy corn (pictures to come), the boot breaking-in process is currently underway (painful, so painful), and both abc family and trader joe’s will be seeing a lot of me. you’re probably reading this and thinking how basic i am. all i have to say to that is “k, cool.” enjoy my fall to do list and a picture of an amazing bonfire, haters.



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