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i am in the final stretch of finals (see what i did there?) and am so ready to be home and sleeping. once i’m back in new york i’ll be doing some worthwhile posts, but until then this will have to do.

as someone who loves to read, this buzzfeed post is great

the new york times brought together the year’s best actors in an incredibly cool way

schmidt from new girl representing long island a.k.a home sweet home

imagine dragons’ video for “i bet my life” is unbelievable

this dress looks ridiculously comfortable… plus it has stripes

prince george kills it 

crying because of this apple commercial

i love these vans way too much

i cannot stop listening to the interstellar soundtrack, especially this song

this gift idea by cupcakes & cashmere is great

i think this watch is stunning

the office and the hobbit (two of my favorite worlds) come together for one amazing skit 

in “cozy” company


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ce11797d40b4d455925ecfe25ab7d9bdonce i find something that i like i stick with it and wear it way too much. this time i’m not being dramatic when i say i’ll wear some variation of it throughout the week. flannels? check. thermals? check. sweaters? check. boots? check. i could go on, but i think you get the picture. at this point though, i think there’s something good about knowing what works for me, especially when i’m struggling to find something to wear. a white thick v-neck sweater, leather jacket, jeans and suede boots is one of my favorite looks. i might have just rolled out of bed, but hopefully you can’t tell… especially since i’m probably crying on the inside because all i want to do is go back to sleep.


the study breakdown


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study essentials

 the saying goes that christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year… but i honestly think that the study days before finals, and even the days that i have finals, deserve this title. that’s obviously a complete joke, and this is one of the more stressful times of year, but this is the last time i’ll be taking finals for a fall semester. instead of freaking out about the end of college (which is going to happen), i decided to take an “artistic” study break and make a collage of my studying essentials. in no particular order, these are what keep me sane:

my favorite sweatshirt in the whole world that i’ve worn way too much // my glasses usually sub in for my contacts when my eyes feel as if they’ve gone to hell and back // iced green tea with a little bit of vanilla which i refill many times from the coffee shop in the library // my skin gets dry during the winter, but especially during finals. this lotion helps stop that // i’ve made way too many trips to sweetgreen, but it’s worth it // i’ve been catching up on the second season of vikings whenever i need a study break // god bless the frank sinatra channel on pandora, which has some of my favorite music to listen to // waffle crisp used to be my favorite guilty pleasure cereal, but i haven’t been able to find it for the longest time… i’ve been craving it like crazy, and i’m this close to hunting it down on amazon // my caffeine fix is a skim chai latte from starbucks // nest’s moss and mint candle is what i would call a “relaxing” candle // papermate’s mechanical pencils are my favorite and i use them in every test i’ve ever taken at georgetown // bite’s bb balm in natural is the holy grail of chapsticks


link loving


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instead of writing my paper outline, i’ve been doing a little procrastinating. by procrastinating, i mean spending way too much time on the internet, looking up so many random things. i need to be a good student though, so it’s time for me to do some actual work. hopefully in the next few hours i get somewhere on my paper, but if not, i always have the option of aimlessly browsing sites online… which i really shouldn’t do. but it will end up happening.

i’m craving this soup so badly right now

the new cinderella movie looks amazing

all i want for christmas is you 

can parks and rec come back any sooner?

i will 100% be making these for christmas

these hats are a part of my hunt for a winter hat

mindy kaling is my favorite

this looks like the comfiest dress ever made

a day in the life


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photo 2

// a piece from bauble bar and emma robert’s collar + a book on my favorite family //

and fall is winding to an end…

photo 1

// one of my favorite places to walk to: the world war II memorial //

photo 4

// the “gallery” above my bed //

photo 3

// the view from up top @ drybar georgetown //

photo 2

// this is my dog, his name is brady, and he wakes up like this //

photo 1

// home sweet home //

photo 3

// a little peek into some late night sketching //

photo 5

// eating georgetown cupcakes while in a very non-georgetown place //

photo 4

// louis francis dempsey: my grandpa, a georgetown grad, and marine scout sniper //

photo 1

// a little taste of philly //

photo 2

// fall views of one of my favorite spots on campus //

photo 5

// a little bit of fall baking  //

photo 3-1// there’s nothing like french toast… but wait until you add pumpkin //

i <3 new york


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there is something special about heading home on amtrak whenever i have breaks from school. as i mentioned a few posts back, it’s insane that thanksgiving is already here, but i really do love going home. being with my family and relaxing at home while watching movies in front of the fire may be one of the best things in the world. i’m very close to my family (shoutout to my mom, who always tell me i don’t blog about her enough) and i love them like crazy. i can’t wait to go home and see them, eat an egg sandwich or two, sleep in every day and not just on saturday, wear comfy clothes, and go into the city with friends, but there’s something else about returning home… i really do miss new york when i’m gone, both the city and long island. i grew up so close to the city and since my grandparents lived there we always visited. new york has always been my second home and i still feel that way. whenever my train approaches the city and i see the new york skyline, the feeling i get is hard to explain; a mix of happiness and nostalgia, excitement and wonder, all-in-all it’s something that i cherish. i think john steinbeck said it best, “once you have live in new york and made it your home, no place else is good enough.”



the state of the union

state of the union

unlike the lust list, the state of the union is about everything that i’m “into” at the moment. yes, i use a political pun, which may or may not have something to do with the fact that i go to school in d.c., but please work with me. i’m heading home for thanksgiving today and basically everything in the photo above will come into play during the next week (kinda sorta).

i cannot wait to read this book by lauren oliver. i’ve had it for a few months and have been saving it for thanksgiving break, because her other books have been amazing. may or may not finish it on the train ride…

i have been listening to anything and everything hozier for the past few months. not only is his voice absolutely unreal and so, so powerful, but he seems like a very cool guy. i’m also a fan of his hair, especially the man bun, but his voice is what is unbelievable. at the moment, i’d kill to get tickets to his show in march… do yourself a favor and listen to his stuff.

i’ve watched chef once already, but i plan on watching it again. it is SUCH a good movie, and for someone like me who loves to cook and bake it’s perfect. i love the plot, the actors, basically everything about it…

hopefully these olivia palermo x westward leaning sunglasses have some sort of deal on black friday, because i am obsessed. i found a photo of someone wearing them online, and they are the only pair of sunglasses that make me want to stray from my aviators.

FISHERMAN SWEATERS ALL THE WAY. i’ve been wearing the same one since high school (actually wearing it now while i write this) and it’s beyond comfortable. they’re so easy to wear with leggings or jeans, and are my go-to once the weather gets colder.

trader joe’s is my favorite place to go food shopping because of their pre-made items. you’d think something that was pre-made wouldn’t necessarily be as good as something homemade, but tj does it right. their mini pumpkin pies are next-level and if you want to impress at thanksgiving, get a few boxes, put them on a pretty dish, warm them up in the oven, serve with cool whip, and pretend you made them. you can thank me later.



a day in the life


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 // lounging about with a new read (yet to be finished) //

 this happens to be a super short recap of life lately (through instagram snapshots). i have weeks worth of photos built up and ready to be posted, so get ready for an influx of instagrams during the last few weeks of fall.


// a life-changing meal of fried fish and potato wedges //


// pumpkin patching with the little brother a long, long time ago //


// a little glimpse into fall decorations //


// caramel apples with butterfingers and chocolate drizzle = wow //


// saying goodbye to new york before heading back to georgetown //


// inslee continues to be my ultimate favorite //

the lust list


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the lust list classics


anything and everything inslee // the coolest speaker i have ever seen // hand towels that get a little wild // the perfect everyday bag // the ultimate red lipstick // these booties are the definition of lustworthy // i’m not usually a pearl earring kind of girl, but i love these 

there’s obviously a theme here… a little bit of classic red, sleek black, pearls, and some basics. this year i have worn a lot more black clothing than i used to. there’s something so easy about throwing on a black leather skirt and top or even a black dress. it looks like you’re put together, even though i might have just rolled out of bed. add in a red lip, and you’re good to go. from the title of my blog you may be able to tell i have a thing for lipstick, and that’s an understatement. i love lip color, whether it’s plum or nude, and i especially love bite’s products. they make insanely pretty lip colors and they smell amazingly good. lisi lerch’s earrings are a dupe for oscar de la renta’s tassel earrings, and won’t destroy your wallet. also they’re not heavy, even though they look otherwise. if you want a unique speaker that sounds UNBELIEVABLY GOOD, restoration hardware has you covered. seriously. i went into the store, plugged in my phone, and sat there listening to “all i want” by kodaline for a good amount of time (not dramatic at all). plus, it’s completely natural… no electricity needed. finally, i will continue to dream about those shoes and that bag, and one day when i have my own place i will be getting those hand towels.


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