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let’s talk about the fact that two big things are happening right now…

1. i am in d.c. again, my second home, for homecoming weekend. this is my first time going to homecoming as an alum, which is insane. four years ago i never would have imagined myself at this stage in my life. by this stage in my life i mean sitting in a starbucks, working remotely for my job, and being a young professional. but surprise, here i am!

2. fall is here, and we all know what that means… hunkering down, getting comfy, fall food, and fall fashion. it’s time for me to break my jeans, sweaters, flannels, and button downs out. i love the idea of pairing a strappy heel with jeans and a button down/flannel, or throwing on a leather skirt with a sweater, high boots, and knee high socks. fall fashion is also the best because it’s the time of year where i finally start to cool down. no joke, i don’t really get cold, mostly hot, which means that summer can be rough. now that the weather is changing i’m in my element, and while it sounds cliche, it’s the best. as you know by now, i love to follow fashion/lifestyle blogs (surprise, surprise), and some of my favorite fall inspiration comes from sincerely jules and brooklyn blonde. jules has a more free-spirited approach to her style, while helena goes for the classic take on fashion. both bloggers know what they’re doing, and have helped me out (through their sites) many a time.








a day in the life


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{ getting the new room all set up }

hello and goodbye to september, you were here and gone oh, so quickly. i’ve been told that you won’t really realize college is over until you get to october, and it starts to hit you. this is true… i’ve started to realize now more than ever, “here i am in the real world, and i’m not going anywhere.” it’s been a realization, but that’s what happens when you’re growing up… or so i’ve been told. here’s a little look into my september, which i still can’t believe is over.

apartment 2

{ my bed has become my haven after a long day at work… so has “friends”}


{ magnolia bakery making an appearance at work baby showers}


{ strolling through the high line}


{ brunch at 44 & x, my new neighborhood spot }


{ quick trip to dc, forever my home away from home }


{ union market in d.c., killing the shrimp sandwich game }


{ great falls, va: the hike where i decided to break in a new pair of sneakers…}


{ making sure that georgetown is well represented here in the city }


{ although rock center will be crazy at christmas, still happy it’s so close to work }


{ the pups a few seconds before trying to attack a fish }


{ the new subway stop near my apartment is a+ }


{ a little bit of nola at smorgasburg }


{ saturday afternoon activities include strolling the met and meeting statue boyfriends }


{ popping into urbanspace vanderbilt for lunch breaks }


{ per usual, inslee making her monthly appearance }

look your best


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kerry washington absolutely killing the game, per usual.

you can probably guess this by now, but i love awards shows. i always post about them on here, whether it’s my favorite beauty looks, favorite after party dresses, etc. i’m really into it. i also love the shows themselves (mostly the openings, funny dialogue, and amazing speeches… i’m looking at you andy samberg, amy poehler, amy schumer, jon hamm, and viola davis) and think that each awards show has its own personality. before i get way distracted, like i usually do, i wanted to show a few of my favorite looks from last night (guys included). it seems like it was ridiculously hot and many of the of the attendees had to carry fans down the carpet… honestly, i would have had to be pulled in a wagon for fear of passing out, but they somehow managed to still look great. which doesn’t surprise me at all…


tatiana maslany pulls of a suit oh so nicely


aubrey plaza looks bomb… i think even april would be proud


samira wiley makes me want to wear pink (which is a feat in itself)


billy eichner looks like a straight stud (also thank god for difficult people, because i miss him as craig on “parks and rec” so badly)


taraji, you are a goddess, don’t you forget that


absolutely loving zoe kazan’s dress and necklace combination (i would look like candycane… just saying.)


paul schreiber looked very nice last night… so much so that you almost forget about his lovely character on “oitnb”


sarah hyland evoking old hollywood glam


jamie lee curtis looks bomb. enough said.


absolutely loving gina rodriguez’s ethereal look


january jones killed the jumpsuit game


finally… amy poehler, you look amazing, and are funny, and you’re the best. never change. thanks so much… love, meg.

berry, berry chill


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mac sin | urban decay shame | mac rebel | revlon black cherry | kat von d vampira | nyx copenhagen | bite beauty plum | bite beauty black cherry | nars ingrid | bite beauty aubergine 

i remember a time when i used to love dark lipstick from afar… i was obsessed with makeup, collected it, but never wore it. as i got older that slowly started to change, and now i can say that i embrace darker lips with open arms (and a bit of reapplication). fall is around the corner, and the season of berry lips is upon us. it’s time to rejoice and get stocked up. i tend to stick to wearing jeans, a white sweater and lip or all black… a.k.a. sometimes i really go for it if i’m in the mood. when using berry lipstick, lipliner or primer is your best friend. seriously. fading, smudging, lipstick on your face, etc. are a few looks which aren’t exactly top-notch. let’s not forget about getting it on your teeth, which i have been a victim of (wipe off the inside of your lips or lick the inside of your lips to create a “barrier” of sorts.

links i love


i love this print and this print from inslee

in my eyes, scott eastwood can do no wrong 

the “friends” scene that defines friendship

love this evil eye manicure

the comfiest looking sweater that is perfect for fall

i am way too excited for macbeth to come out (i love you, michael fassbender)

such a pretty way to store jewelry 

things to do in new york in september

a recipe for some of the most delicious ice cream i’ve ever had

a list of food you have to cook in september 

want to take this cake decorating class so badly

this article is for you if you love breakfast sandwiches

stylin’, wildin’, living it up in the city


if you need a little bit of inspiration when it comes to getting ready, and you like clothes that are a mix of casual, chic, and everything in between you should check out these bloggers:

sincerely jules | brooklyn blonde | something navy | the londoner 

these ladies are some of my favorites and i am always on their instagrams/blogs and they are well worth the time spent on them.

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state of the union


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state of the union 1

what i’m eating | guys, shake shack came out with a chicken sandwich and let me tell you, it looks unreal. yes, i have yet to try it, but it’s something straight out of my food fantasies. as of now it’s only at their brooklyn locations, so i will without a doubt be making my way over there. there’s nothing like their burger, and i’m loyal to it, but when a chicken sandwich looks like that it’s time to try something different.

what i’m wearing | i received this snake cuff bracelet from baublebar for my birthday from a friend and i absolutely love it. i usually don’t wear jewelry other than my rings and my earrings, but i’m all about dainty bracelets. i used to wear an evil eye bracelet every day, but after it broke i’ve been in the market for a new one. i happened to find one earlier in the day (thin gold chain with an evil eye in the middle) and have been wearing both bracelets since. i’ve also started to revisit some of my favorite dusty roses/nudes, like exposed from tarte. it’s a great formula, has a minty, refreshing scent, and looks great on.

what i’m reading | right now i am in the midst of decorating my place and let me tell you, it involves books and lots of them. i’m a huge fan of coffee table books, but i like to mix them up. while some of them may be more fashion-focused, i also have a few historical selections and one or two on the kennedys, elvis, cookbooks, you name it. american beauty is one of my favorites, so i’m excited to finally get everything all set up.

what i’m lusting after | there’s not much too say other than the fact that i think these schutz shoes are gorgeous. i’ve been eyeing them for a while, and recently saw ayesha curry rocking them and i’m more obsessed than ever.

what i’m listening to | if you need a new musician to listen to and appreciate music that you can’t get out of your head, then erik hassle is the choice for you.

what i’m decorating with | as you may know, i love elvis. i wanted to find a way to incorporate my love for the king into my new place without it being too much or weird. well, luckily enough i was out for dinner the other night and saw a reprint of andy warhol’s double elvis hanging in a white frame at the restaurant. it looked amazing and inspired me to do the same for my own bedroom. i ordered the print from art.com, so hopefully it won’t be too aggressive (it won’t be)… we’ll see how it turns it out.

make this place your home


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hi there, remember me? sorry for being so totally m.i.a., but i will try my damn hardest to make sure it doesn’t happen again. work has been a bit crazy and so has life, especially when trying to move to a brand new place. exciting, but daunting. since i love decorating and am super detail-oriented, putting together my new apartment has been very fun… very fun, but very time consuming. in any of my college dorms or even my room at home, i love white, blacks, grays, nudes (a.k.a. all the neutrals you can imagine) as the base and pops of color so nothing stays too boring or too stark. don’t even get me started on framed prints and art, since i’m all about that. the photos here have been a big source of inspiration, and i can finally say i’m starting to make moves. once everything is put together photos will be posted on here, but for now let’s just say that my version of a gallery wall (without the expensive art) is on its way.




image (1)




city style


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i think one of the worst feelings (or most stressful) that i’ve encountered in the real world is waking up in the morning and the outfit you thought would look great doesn’t . so i’ve stuck to getting inspiration from some of my favorite bloggers, keeping a lipstick in my bag for a quick fix, and prepping outfits the night before. mind you i work in an environment where you can dress more “stylishly” and suits aren’t the norm… a lot of these looks may not apply to your work life, but they’re still pretty great nonetheless.









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