an infinite number of stars

dead-poets-society-04-1yesterday when i heard that robin williams died, i was so shocked and saddened by the news. he’s someone that has created such good memories for not only me, but so many people, but the fact he was hurting so much is what really gets me. this summer i lost someone very close to me, and it’s a loss i’ve been trying to deal with everyday. words are something i struggle to come up with when i think about this person who is so blatantly missing from my life, and i think it’s because i still can’t believe that she’s missing. the fact that she’s even missing sucks, and “sucks” is really one of the only words that i can come up with. this is something i wasn’t going to originally share on here, but my absence for the last few months was because i didn’t feel like writing for a while. how could i write something that had nothing to do with what i was feeling? i just couldn’t. so when i found out robin williams died i went online and watched one of his clips from dead poets society (one of my favorite movies) and one of my favorite movie scenes, the “oh captain, my captain” scene. if you haven’t seen it, i recommend you do. it’s something that stays with you long after it’s over, and the same goes for the actual poem that inspired this scene. i’ve been watching this amongst other videos from robin williams, and before i went to sleep last night i saw that his daughter posted something on twitter. it’s from the little prince and it seems to capture the words that i have been at a loss to find for the past few months. when i think of my aunt, my godmother, my friend, and someone who felt like my second mom, and feel sadness at the realization that she’s no longer physically here, this is what i am going to think of. although she may be gone, she isn’t truly gone. i don’t believe that. i know she’s here, and i know she’s with me, just as i know there are an infinite number of stars in the sky and she is in every one of them.

“you- you alone will have the stars as no one else has them. in one of the stars, i shall be living. in one of them, i shall be laughing. and so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night. you – only you – will have stars that can laugh.” – the little prince 

the lust list


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black and gold

there’s an obvious theme here… clearly i’m feeling the whole black and gold combination. so on this glorious wednesday morning, these happen to be a few of the things that i’m loving.

this watch is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine elements // i’m not a big fan of bags (only because i never carry them) but i love this one // i snatched these earrings at j.crew on sale, so that may or may not have made my day // i SWEAR by this mascara… it’s lifechanging (and yeah that might be dramatic, but it’s true) // my go-to shoes for day, work, and night, plus both colors are great and they’re on sale almost everywhere // this ring is what i’ve been looking for my whole life without even realizing it

life’s a beach


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hamptons_montauk_navy_beachpeople, people, people… if you haven’t heard of gray malin it’s time that you do. his prints are insane and some of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. i may or may not dream of the day that i possibly could have one of his prints, but until that day i’ll just look online (over and over again). his prints are all of beautiful beaches and the way he captures the colors of umbrellas or even just the water is mind-blowing. so although summer may be winding down, which i hate to even admit, as cheesy as this sounds gray malin prints make me feel like it will always be summer. yes, i just said that, so it’s time for me to get back to watching the leftovers (so dark, but so good). maison-gray-photography-montauk-4 SalesEvent_34690_Logo_1dolce vitaa-la-plage-gray-malin-1Bondi_Beach_7 Gray-Malin-3

link loving


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inslee prints ftw.

1. i can’t stop listening to this 

2. i really love long island… home sweet home. 

3. one of the perks of living 30 minutes from the city and working there this summer as an intern has been partaking in this list. 

4. let alone the fact that i’m a classical studies minor and love anything having to do with almost everything greek related, clover canyon’s grecian collection is beautiful. 

5. i kind of want these for my 21st birthday festivities

6. bradley agather has one of my favorite blogs and i constantly check for updates. 

7. my go-to lip colors in the summer. minty and fresh, plus the red and hot pink shades are both amazing.

8. i’m all about food, especially really good american-style food. 

state of the union

tumblr_n6gtkh7cil1qa431co1_500so… here i am! i’m back after a long, long absence. the longest i’ve ever taken on this site actually, but all for good reason. after coming home for my junior year the the best way to explain my “pause” in blogging is that life got in the way. no matter how much i love blogging and working on this site i needed a break. the whole point is that blogging is supposed to be something you love doing and i feel like i lost that love for a little while. that sounds so dramatic and i’m not trying to be dramatic at all (even though i’m a dramatic person) but i needed to get excited about blogging again. i have so many blog post ideas saved up and pictures waiting to be posted, but never got around to posting them. all i have to say is that’s going to change now. there have been so many times where i’ve taken a break with this blog and come back, but this time my “return” is really going to stick. for everyone who follows me i’m going to ramble on and on just like i usually do, but this time it will be with a lot more frequency. i was going to try to come up with some kind of cheesy joke to finish this all off, but i couldn’t really think of anything… so instead i’m going to cut myself off here and keep it plain and simple: “see” you guys soon (a.k.a like tomorrow)

perfect match.


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"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivalslast night i spent a decent amount of time hunting the internet for images of this year’s met gala. of course there were a ton of dresses i loved (and some i didn’t), so many dresses in fact, that i had about thirty i wanted to post on here before i decided to cut down. i could have easily just shown some of the looks from my favorite ladies, but after seeing blake and ryan last night i decided to take a different approach. let alone the fact that i love the two of them and think they seem like one of the greatest couples, they glowed last night. maybe a little dramatic, but seriously they looked so good, and the way he was looking at her in those photos. bam. even more obsessed with them now. so without further ado, here’s a glimpse into my favorite couples from this year’s met gala.

when humans of new york asked bryan cranston his favorite thing about his wife, he said "she still gets giddy when she sees a butterfly."


slide_348263_3705835_freedianejosh5514-_4"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivalsenhanced-20525-1399341309-1

hello may.

tumblr_n4k0pcJ3lR1rs9bv7o1_400so may is here, which means it’s time for the background of my laptop to shift. in my typical style, i’ve been grouping up my photos, and getting excited for everything they “represent.” clearly i’m digging that whole red, black, green, and yellow color pattern… basically the jamaican flag. instead of rambling on about nothing for a long time i’m just going to cut myself off until my next post, in which there will actually be a real purpose. unlike this post… (but i did put effort into “collecting” these photos, i swear!) tumblr_mvoytkJrMJ1snegd3o1_500 tumblr_n4rs6o6L7R1tzytv7o1_500 tumblr_mp10d24j8Q1ri3sbbo1_500 tumblr_n4b76yKXGn1skd51so1_500tumblr_mqke848F871ramu57o1_500tumblr_n2ej7ln1cU1qivmzpo1_400 tumblr_n0y7hcRdd81swwhc4o1_500

the lust list


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the lust list - summer

these sunglasses are the perfect combination: tortoiseshell and mirrored lenses // this necklace is straight out of my dreams // these sandals are perfect the summer and look like they’ll match anything // this romper is straight fire (sorry had to say that) // these earrings are absolutely stunning // this bag seems like the perfect size and the chain is adjustable which is more than a plus

FINALLY… finally it feels like summer is here. the amount of school work i’ve had recently has been insane so my free time to do blog posts has basically been non-existent. but now that summer is right around the corner i’ll be sure to give this site the love it needs. to kick off my posting once again i put together a few things i have been hardcore lusting after. multiple outfits have been dreamed around each of these items, but knowing me i’ll wait until the last minute and end up not getting anything, which is the best option for my wallet… except i don’t think i can resist those horn earrings or that necklace, or anything…

sunshine and skateboards


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sslookbook2i’ve actually lost count of how many times i’ve written about sincerely, jules on here. it’s well known that i’m kind of sorta obsessed with her style, and i totally own up to it. she is the definition of california cool, and i spend a good time of decision-making when it comes to outfits trying to figure out what would jules do. she happens to have her own line of clothing, all t-shirts and sweatshirts, and i love them. so when it was announced that her new line would be coming out, i anticipated its arrival like a kid on christmas. now that it’s here i’m kind of in love and wish i could pull off the whole mini skirt wearing, skateboard toting look, but i know that’s not happening… but that’s what dreaming’s all about, right?

what’s cookin’?

enhanced-buzz-2818-1396058466-4news flash! i went vegan for lent/a 30 day challenge… for someone like me, who cherishes breakfast sandwiches, frozen yogurt and chicken and goat cheese in my salads, it wasn’t easy, but it hasn’t been too bad. now when i say day 2 was bad, i’m not kidding. most of it was definitely psychological, but at 10:45 that night i was laying in bed feeling weak and exhausted… putting me being dramatic aside, i actually wasn’t feeling too hot. that was march 18th, and here i am on april 2nd and i’ve gotten used to it. i do feel good, but there are a few things that i am more than missing a.k.a. all meat and eggs, and butter, and cheese… so actually i’m missing a lot. the great thing about this challenge/sacrifice is that i’ve been cooking a lot, and since i love to cook, it’s been fun. what doesn’t help is that i’ve been looking up both vegan and non-vegan recipes and i’m counting down until i can cook certain meals… during my research (which has become a daily thing) i’ve come across more than a few recipes i want to try out:


loaded bbq chicken nugget nachos battered fish tacos with margarita mango salsa and jalapeño crema corn cake eggs benedict with avocado hollandaise 

panini2_zpsc1e3f265turkey, avocado, and goat cheese panini


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