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happy fourth of july weekend everyone, see ya next week!

thrillist ranks the 50 greatest americans 

riley and steph forever <3 

tips for getting that perfect instagram picture 

cupcakes i’m planning to make this weekend 

loving this hot list from revolve and this one 

braids are a lifesaver during the summer 

i’m a sucker for something like this 

this bag has become one of my favorites 

if you happen to be a fan of horoscopes, read this 

put on your party best


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the 4th

a simple, but pretty white romper | a nude heel that can definitely be worn more than once | one of my favorite red lipstick colors | love these stickers and these 

i’ve said this before and here i am saying it again, but some of my favorite outfits are the ones that are seemingly simple with a bit of a wow factor. when it comes to the fourth of july we all know the color scheme: red, white, and blue. it is the day of all days to be as american as possible, but understandably you may want a more understated approach to this holiday… especially if you’ll be spending the night out and about, taking in some fireworks, and enjoying a drink or two (or more…). i love the combination of a white outfit and nude shoes… the first reason is that the white has the possible (emphasis on possible, at least for me) effect of making you appear tanner, and nude shoes do a mighty fine job of elongating your legs. throw on a red lip, grab a jean jacket, and if you’re feeling particularly festive maybe throw a star sticker or two on the tops of your cheeks.

hello july




to some this may be a fluff post, meaning it has no real purpose… and while i may agree with that a little bit, it kind of does serve a purpose. these random photos are my inspiration for the month. i keep them rotating as my computer background and spend some time putting together the different images and colors until i get the right mix. if you’re a visual person (which i am) then organizing photos and putting them together is something that’s fun, not boring. so happy july everyone, and don’t worry a legitimate post is right around the corner.













food for thought


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delicious looking mini strawberry upside down cornmeal cobblers 

i would like to thank buzzfeed for introducing me to all of the food pictured here. without their food posts, i would not be making those little cobblers pictured above this weekend. one of my favorite things about summer is summer cooking and being able to make food that isn’t too heavy. when it’s hot out, i need to eat something light (or that seems light) and when it’s colorful, like the food featured here, i’m all for it.


arugula, goat cheese, and beet sandwich that i need to eat right now  


shrimp rolls that look heavenly 


i want to bake this raspberry earl grey cake asap


this mexican grilled corn avocado toast looks bomb 

links i love


a huge fan of this diy skin scrub, especially since it involves the ocean 

i am a huge fan of sneakers, so this post was worth a read 

this piece covering emma stone’s experience with anxiety is very poignant 

can’t wait to finally make my way over to smorgasburg 

after my post the other day, clearly i’m a fan of summer makeup looks

these vans are amazing… 

my go-to summer nail polish 

a guide to what you should eat in new york this summer 

MAJOR ups to the supreme court today after ruling for marriage equality 


the beat goes on


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“k.i.s.s.” is a statement that i love… meaning “keep it simple, sweetie”, i think it’s a pretty foolproof method for getting dress and putting on makeup. a pair of jean shorts, a white button down, and sandals are go-to’s in my closet, and the same goes for neutrals like army greens, nudes, whites, and grays, some statement dresses, and shoes. i love shoes, and i can never pass up on a good heel. when it comes to online shopping, i love to browse revolve, shopbop, madewell, forever 21, amazon… basically almost anything to find stuff i love.  when it comes to red, pink, berry, or coral lips, my family tends to not be a fan, but you have to march to the beat of your own drum… especially when it comes to lipstick.







the summer routine


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summer beauty

these masks from sephora are great and an affordable alternative to a lot of the more expensive options in the market (rose and pearl are my favorite)

 sometimes a flick of eyeliner is all you need, especially when paired with mascara and a glossy nude or bright lip

 i stick to the first six shades of this palette during the summer and use it for both day and night looks

 this contour kit is one of my favorites thanks to its bronzing and highlighting options

laura mercier’s tinted moisturizer is a staple in my routine

i’ve been using this mascara recently and love its fluttery effect

 kat von d’s liquid lipsticks in outlaw and bachelorette are a constant in my makeup bag and dress up any outfit (especially outlaw, which is a gorgeous red)

 urban decay’s ultra nourishing gloss in walk of shame (a pretty, sheer nude) is the lip product i’m always grabbing and constantly reapplying

 this primer keeps my face fresh and moisturized, which is a plus during hot weather

all dramatics aside, i am not a fan of the kind of heat that makes you feel like you’re melting. this is the type of heat where the air feels soupy, your hair is a lost cause, and wearing makeup seems like a straight up no-go. i’ve gotten to the point where the makeup i wear is as minimal as possible, doesn’t feel like it’s even on my face, and doesn’t melt off. these are my staples and pretty much make wearing makeup in 96 degree weather, surrounded by people on new york streets, not so bad.

hello, goodbye


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{ commemorating my last trip back to georgetown after a school break }

i already wrote a post about georgetown and how graduating could not have been more bittersweet. the last few months of school sped by, and today i find myself starting my first day of work at l’oréal. the excitement is very real (and i’ll have some beauty-inspired posts to come), but before i start this new chapter i wanted to wrap it up with a few pictures capturing the end of my georgetown (and college) career.


{ as you all know, i love inslee’s work }


{ jetties, one of the best sandwich places in d.c. }


{ my last georgetown day }


{ a sight that i will always treasure (and one that i’m really missing) }


{ astro doughnuts and fried chicken is one of d.c.’s finest }


{ wisemiller’s deli, a georgetown student favorite }


{ another inslee appearance… surprise, surprise }


{ another stop at the lincoln, just because }


{ a visit to the farm for senior week }


{ watching the sunrise the morning of graduation with the rest of my class }


{ cheers to four years at georgetown }


{ one of my favorite things to photograph: georgetown cupcake }


{ even after four years, i refused to step on the seal… hoya saxa forever }

new york street (style)


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i tend to look at a lot of blogs, tumblr, and pinterest in order to get inspired. this may consist of casually browsing through pictures, or falling so in love with an outfit that i tend to do a little bit (or a lot) of online browsing in order to find my own version of dupes. when it comes to outfits that i freak out over, brooklyn blonde has that title. she rocks neutrals like no one else, and has a city girl style that i love. i can only hope that i could look so put together while walking the streets of manhattan, but in reality i know that after a long day at work i will not be looking anywhere near as put together. when you’re getting on the subway after racing through rockefeller center in muggy, humid new york heat you could not be looking any worse. so next time i’m getting ready, i’ll think of some of these outfits and pray i don’t look like a hot mess by the end of the day.

18413712172_4c81d79811_o 17906617410_131abbd197_o 17981716993_605f9ef1d2_o 17310951331_178b5df39d_o

hello, san francisco


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{ j.crew flats make for perfect exploring shoes }

i spent the last few days in san francisco and was able to experience one of the coolest trips ever. it was my first time going to san francisco/california, and i loved it. from the food to the different neighborhoods, i embraced the city with open arms (as cheesy as that sounds) and it was well worth it.


{ paris or san francisco? }


{ ridiculously delicious fried chicken at hops & hominy }


{ having a princess diaries moment on a cable car }


{ a very cool store doing a very cool shoutout }


{ some of the best ice cream in the game }


{ sightseeing at its finest }


{ delicious lunch from super duper burger }


{ we <3 the golden state warriors }


{ the scene after golden state won }


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