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tumblr_n6gtkh7cil1qa431co1_500so… here i am! i’m back after a long, long absence. the longest i’ve ever taken on this site actually, but all for good reason. after coming home for my junior year the the best way to explain my “pause” in blogging is that life got in the way. no matter how much i love blogging and working on this site i needed a break. the whole point is that blogging is supposed to be something you love doing and i feel like i lost that love for a little while. that sounds so dramatic and i’m not trying to be dramatic at all (even though i’m a dramatic person) but i needed to get excited about blogging again. i have so many blog post ideas saved up and pictures waiting to be posted, but never got around to posting them. all i have to say is that’s going to change now. there have been so many times where i’ve taken a break with this blog and come back, but this time my “return” is really going to stick. for everyone who follows me i’m going to ramble on and on just like i usually do, but this time it will be with a lot more frequency. i was going to try to come up with some kind of cheesy joke to finish this all off, but i couldn’t really think of anything… so instead i’m going to cut myself off here and keep it plain and simple: “see” you guys soon (a.k.a like tomorrow)

perfect match.


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"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivalslast night i spent a decent amount of time hunting the internet for images of this year’s met gala. of course there were a ton of dresses i loved (and some i didn’t), so many dresses in fact, that i had about thirty i wanted to post on here before i decided to cut down. i could have easily just shown some of the looks from my favorite ladies, but after seeing blake and ryan last night i decided to take a different approach. let alone the fact that i love the two of them and think they seem like one of the greatest couples, they glowed last night. maybe a little dramatic, but seriously they looked so good, and the way he was looking at her in those photos. bam. even more obsessed with them now. so without further ado, here’s a glimpse into my favorite couples from this year’s met gala.

when humans of new york asked bryan cranston his favorite thing about his wife, he said "she still gets giddy when she sees a butterfly."


slide_348263_3705835_freedianejosh5514-_4"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivalsenhanced-20525-1399341309-1

hello may.

tumblr_n4k0pcJ3lR1rs9bv7o1_400so may is here, which means it’s time for the background of my laptop to shift. in my typical style, i’ve been grouping up my photos, and getting excited for everything they “represent.” clearly i’m digging that whole red, black, green, and yellow color pattern… basically the jamaican flag. instead of rambling on about nothing for a long time i’m just going to cut myself off until my next post, in which there will actually be a real purpose. unlike this post… (but i did put effort into “collecting” these photos, i swear!) tumblr_mvoytkJrMJ1snegd3o1_500 tumblr_n4rs6o6L7R1tzytv7o1_500 tumblr_mp10d24j8Q1ri3sbbo1_500 tumblr_n4b76yKXGn1skd51so1_500tumblr_mqke848F871ramu57o1_500tumblr_n2ej7ln1cU1qivmzpo1_400 tumblr_n0y7hcRdd81swwhc4o1_500

the lust list


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the lust list - summer

these sunglasses are the perfect combination: tortoiseshell and mirrored lenses // this necklace is straight out of my dreams // these sandals are perfect the summer and look like they’ll match anything // this romper is straight fire (sorry had to say that) // these earrings are absolutely stunning // this bag seems like the perfect size and the chain is adjustable which is more than a plus

FINALLY… finally it feels like summer is here. the amount of school work i’ve had recently has been insane so my free time to do blog posts has basically been non-existent. but now that summer is right around the corner i’ll be sure to give this site the love it needs. to kick off my posting once again i put together a few things i have been hardcore lusting after. multiple outfits have been dreamed around each of these items, but knowing me i’ll wait until the last minute and end up not getting anything, which is the best option for my wallet… except i don’t think i can resist those horn earrings or that necklace, or anything…

sunshine and skateboards


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sslookbook2i’ve actually lost count of how many times i’ve written about sincerely, jules on here. it’s well known that i’m kind of sorta obsessed with her style, and i totally own up to it. she is the definition of california cool, and i spend a good time of decision-making when it comes to outfits trying to figure out what would jules do. she happens to have her own line of clothing, all t-shirts and sweatshirts, and i love them. so when it was announced that her new line would be coming out, i anticipated its arrival like a kid on christmas. now that it’s here i’m kind of in love and wish i could pull off the whole mini skirt wearing, skateboard toting look, but i know that’s not happening… but that’s what dreaming’s all about, right?

what’s cookin’?

enhanced-buzz-2818-1396058466-4news flash! i went vegan for lent/a 30 day challenge… for someone like me, who cherishes breakfast sandwiches, frozen yogurt and chicken and goat cheese in my salads, it wasn’t easy, but it hasn’t been too bad. now when i say day 2 was bad, i’m not kidding. most of it was definitely psychological, but at 10:45 that night i was laying in bed feeling weak and exhausted… putting me being dramatic aside, i actually wasn’t feeling too hot. that was march 18th, and here i am on april 2nd and i’ve gotten used to it. i do feel good, but there are a few things that i am more than missing a.k.a. all meat and eggs, and butter, and cheese… so actually i’m missing a lot. the great thing about this challenge/sacrifice is that i’ve been cooking a lot, and since i love to cook, it’s been fun. what doesn’t help is that i’ve been looking up both vegan and non-vegan recipes and i’m counting down until i can cook certain meals… during my research (which has become a daily thing) i’ve come across more than a few recipes i want to try out:


loaded bbq chicken nugget nachos battered fish tacos with margarita mango salsa and jalapeño crema corn cake eggs benedict with avocado hollandaise 

panini2_zpsc1e3f265turkey, avocado, and goat cheese panini

link loving


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tumblr_n1u9skGsUL1rn2p9bo1_500if any of you happen to be fans of the breakfast club, then you may or may not know that yesterday was the 30th anniversary of this group’s fateful meeting. since i’m kind of obsessed with this movie and can watch it repeatedly, i figured i’d kick off this post with the ending scene, because watching it makes me feel like everything is right in the world.

fun fact: i love elvis. i don’t know how or why, but i just do, even though no one else in my family does… so this buzzfeed article may or may not have had me freaking out a little bit.

LOVE this whole entire look.

do i have a reason to wear this dress? not really… will i get this dress? probably not. do i want it? 100% yes.

this collaboration between jimmy fallon and billy joel is pure perfection.

this trick to getting a great high ponytail is on point.

counting down the days until i can go back to this restaurant, one of my favorites in the city.

this song is my current obsession, and if you haven’t listened to augustines (formerly we are augustines) i recommend you do.

i’m all about those buzzfeed quizzes, so when they released a friday night lights version i was all over it. it was posted a while ago, but it’s too good not to include. i got tami taylor (hallelujah) and my brother got tim riggins, so i’d say it’s pretty accurate.

once i finish my current vegan diet (which i’ll talk about later) i will basically be on a baking and cooking frenzy, and this dip will without a doubt be made.


the lust list


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Lust List

samudra bags are the best // the go-to pair of sunglasses // keep calm and wear lipstick // a camera that would be great for taking some artsy cherry blossom pictures (if they ever bloom) // a small bag for someone who doesn’t like to carry any bag // a dress that looks as comfy as pajamas // a BAM pair of summer sandals // a hat i wish i could wear

the weather here in d.c. has been absolutely insane… one day it seems like it’s about to get nice and warm, and the next it’s snowing and we have a delay in classes. i’m holding out hope that spring weather is right around the corner, and it should be, but the wait has me imagining summer. so until the spring temperatures arrive, i’ll be looking up warm weather clothes and pretending i’m in some tropical place.

a love letter to the south


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IMG_5830i’ll admit i’ve been gone for a while, over two weeks, which in the blogging world is basically like eternity. i have a good explanation for my absence though, and if you remember from an earlier post i did, i was away on spring break doing something a little different… last week was spent road tripping between louisiana and mississippi, visiting places like new orleans, natchez, baton rouge, breaux bridge, and mowata. i hadn’t heard of half of these places before i went on this trip, but now i love them. first things first i set really high expectations for spring break, and the trip definitely lived up to it. coming from long island i was expecting the south to be totally different, and it was, but in the best way possible.

from the first day of break we ate a lot of food, and all of it was good. i love seafood so i was excited, but i had no idea what i was in for… let me just say if you’ve never had crawfish please do, because it was life changing. i also ate alligator sausage, which was one of the most delicious things i’ve ever had in my life, and the same goes for boudin (look up the pronunciation, i totally butchered it). we spent time exploring new orleans, especially the french quarter, which was unlike anything else i’ve ever been to… the same goes for bourbon street, which i thought was wild when we went out, but was actually considered quiet or calm by new orleans standards. natchez is a historic city in mississippi that has gorgeous antebellum homes, a great mexican restaurant, and a saloon that dates back to the days of mark twain to name a few things. the under the hill saloon was right next to the mississippi river, and when you walked in you felt like you were going back in time… not to mention they had a foosball table so i was more than a fan (if you’re ever in natchez, you have to go). after natchez we went to breaux bridge, crawfish capital of the world and hometown of my boy, hunter hayes. that night we stayed in an actual cabin on the bayou and went to a cajun pig roast. there was a live band and white lights strung throughout the trees… basically by the end of the night i felt like i was in some sort of nicholas sparks movie. the next morning we got up and went to another town in louisiana and experienced crawfish and rice farming, which was made complete by actually getting on the crawfish boat, picking our own crawfish to eat, cooking it on the spot, and even taking my first tractor ride.

i’ve condensed this a LOT, because i could honestly go on and on… to sum it all up though, if i could write a love letter to the south it would go a little like this:

i love you, i love you, and i’ll be back as soon as i can.

(so dramatic, i know)


nicholas sparks worthy moments

the meal that changed my life

the party never stops


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amy-adams-vanity-fair-oscar-party-2014-ftrlast year when i wrote about my favorite outfits at the oscars i happened to focus on the vanity fair party, and this year i’m doing the same. at this point i feel like best-dressed of the oscars is all over the internet, and even though i may pick an outfit that isn’t as “popular” as others, it was probably already seen. i’m acting as if no one has seen outfits from the vanity fair party (which most likely isn’t true at all), but don’t blame me for trying to be a little different! i love to see what people wear afterwards, and i also imagine what i would wear if i ever went… not that i would ever be invited, but still. before i get into my outfit picks, i’d just like to mention that:

  1. the selfie that ellen took was amazing. i mean seriously, that was next level.
  2. jennifer lawrence tripping (again) was perfect.
  3. john travolta messing up idina menzel’s name had me laughing for longer than i’d like to admit.
  4. brad pitt passing out plates when the pizza was being handed out seemed so normal.
  5. the whole dancing with celebrities montage while pharrell performed “happy” was surreal.
  6. some of the comments during the red carpet coverage were ridiculous, but completely serious… “these people have been out here since 9 am today, they haven’t showered in days.” like what? what does that even mean? how does the commentator know that?
  7. pink’s tribute to the wizard of oz had me more than a little emotional. definitely had a flashback to childhood…
  8. emma watson and joseph gordon-levitt make quite the duo.
  9. lupita’s speech made me tear up.
  10. frozen won and all was right in the world.

jennifer-lawrence-vanity-fair-oscar-party-2014-ftrenhanced-7239-1393863341-21anna-kendrickvanity-fair-oscar-party-2014-ftrkristen-bell-vanity-fair-oscar-party-2014-ftr kate-hudson-vanity-fair-oscar-party-2014-ftrenhanced-8791-1393863844-10


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