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thumbs up for clutch etsy finds 

parker’s new collection is beautiful 

as an animal lover, this is wonderful and so touching 

amanda seyfriend and her dog are adorable 

adding alaska to another state that i want to road trip through

coldplay x game of thrones musical = something you need to watch  

rooftop bars in new york to check out this summer 

speaking of bars, here are some waterfront ones in new york 

bye, bye miss american pie 

james corden is killing the late night tv game 

“may georgetown live forever”


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clock tower

the day has come where i no longer can call myself a student of georgetown university. instead i am a graduate, an alum, and my time at georgetown has come to an end. there have been so many blog posts on here where i have talked about making the most of the short time i had left at my home on the hilltop. however, deep down a part of me wasn’t letting myself believe that it was going to happen. but here i am, all moved out and back home, and the time has come for me to face the real world. driving away from georgetown was the most surreal experience, an experience that was filled with nerves, sadness, and excitement. i have learned so much about myself in my last four years of school, and am so grateful for my georgetown experience since it has shaped the person i have become. here are the few things i have learned during college:

– caffeine isn’t always necessary. i’m pretty proud that i was able to finish my college career without a coffee addiction (scratch that, i still hate coffee).

– sleep is my best friend. yes, i’ve always known that, but living a college lifestyle takes this appreciation to a whole new level.

– pursuing your passions will make a world of a difference. i kept up this blog, continued to grow my love for beauty, studied marketing and classics, worked hard, and i would like to think it has paid off. it’s helped me develop my own personal identity, influenced by different things i love and appreciate, and i’m so thankful for that.

– family is everything. when times are tough and heartache plentiful, family will be there for you, and you’ll be there for them. they’ll also be there during the good times to share in your happiness, and will be there during all times in-between.

– friends become your second family and support network, and saying goodbye to them is bittersweet. while i know i’ll see them again since i’ve made some best friends for life, living with your friends and seeing them constantly is something that will be missed. cherish every moment with your people.

sweetgreen, you have been everything to me. thank you.

– always allow yourself a break. even when you think you don’t need it, you actually might. whether it’s a nap, a walk, or a netflix mini-binge, just do it.

– if you’re lucky enough your school may become your second home. though it may be incredibly hard to leave, this means that your time there has been so well worth it, and for that you should be grateful. i know i am.


muses of the met gala


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i think that the theme of this year’s met gala could have easily had something to do with being pretty close to naked. this is slightly a joke, but a lot of dresses came close. some people really followed through with the theme (i’m looking at you sjp), but others played it safe. while minka kelly’s look two years ago will always be my favorite, these are some of the good ones from this year.

enhanced-20073-1430791552-40 enhanced-26973-1430791556-9 enhanced-20313-1430793432-1 enhanced-25704-1430792933-17 enhanced-19424-1430791528-10 enhanced-16772-1430791517-11 enhanced-17511-1430791500-23 enhanced-23450-1430791562-16

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dc’s best restaurant/bar openings in 2015 

this “promposal” is absolutely heartwarming 

i’m way too excited for jurassic world 

i think this may be one of my favorite dresses (and i am really lusting after it) 

all about that grizzlies grit and grind 

this parks and rec gag reel is A+ material 

god bless breakfast food

kat von d outlaw is hands down the best red lipstick i’ve ever owned

food that you should be making in may

picture (almost) perfect


i’ve got a thing for “collecting” pictures. it’s been mentioned on here before, but sometimes it’s nice to revisit some old posts, especially if they allow for me to put a ton of photos on here that i love. i’m in the middle of my last finals season ever (when did that happen?) and i promise i’ll have a worthwhile post up for you all soon! until then, here are the pictures that i have been using as my recent inspiration. to see more, check out my tumblr!

tumblr_nlwjze8oua1s8rlzuo1_540Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presettumblr_nmmaurBMap1qiv8nio1_540tumblr_n43rkxPn3v1rjizc9o1_540tumblr_n4dx7fnan51shnoaio1_500tumblr_nnacczme451qjhkw8o1_540tumblr_nl6keqPwl81sohhn2o1_540

going bare


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going bare

makeup forever 3c lip pencil | nars cruising lipstick | m.a.c. pure zen lipstick | bite madeira lip pencil | lancome rich cashmere lipstick | nars barbara lipstick | urban decay walk of shame lip gloss | tarte exposed matte lip tint | fresh sugar nude lip treatment | m.a.c. blankety lipstick | lancome casse noisette lip lover | bite leche lip crayon | m.a.c. faux lipstick

as you all may know, i’m a bit of a lipstick/lipgloss/lip anything fiend. hence the name of my blog. a little while ago i did a post on my favorite red lip colors, and i thought i would share some of my favorite nude lip colors. on average i have around 3 or 4 lip products in my bag at all times… it’s not planned that way, it just happens, i swear. i love nude lips because of how simple and effortless they are, but they’re also great for any look. i usually wear nude lips when i go out or when i go to class, and they just make me feel put together. (i also wear lip balm a ton, so i guess that really is a true nude lip…)

memphis forever


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i tend to talk a lot about fashion, beauty, and other similar topics on here, but i figured it’s time to talk about one of my favorite things… something that doesn’t get mentioned a lot on here. i am a massive NBA fan, especially for my home team, the new york knicks, but the love i have for marc gasol and the grizzlies comes in a very close second. during my senior year of high school my best friend and i, along with her dad, went to memphis for around 24 hours for an 18th birthday/nba playoffs trip whirlwind experience. we made a stop at graceland, where i finally admitted to my elvis obsession, had bbq and two pitchers of sweet tea at rendezvous, and then watched memphis beat san antonio in the 2011 playoffs to win the series. i loved the grizzlies and marc before this, but this little trip solidified my love for everything grizzlies, memphis, elvis, and marc. seriously though, marc if you see this call me. it can be tough being a knicks fan (if you are one you’ll understand), but since i enjoy watching the majority of nba teams playoffs season is still fun. i have a few teams that i’m rooting for (grizzlies are obviously #1), and i like to keep track of how everyone is doing. for the past few years i’ve had a tradition of making my own brackets, and earlier today i put together one for the 2015 playoffs. understandably this post is random for a blog titled “my life in lipstick”, but obviously a girl can love both (clearly i do). p.s. if you happen to be into the nba, let me know who you’re rooting for!

tumblr_ndneceh2OC1r2br17o1_500tumblr_ni1l1zLvek1s3gys4o1_400Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 5.24.56 PM

the style file


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{ sincerely jules killing the shoe game }

i’ve said this before on here, and i’m about to say it again: when i find something i love, i stick with it. i do change things up, but there’s something nice about knowing what works for you (and hopefully what doesn’t). a lot of the time i look to some of my favorite fashion blogs for inspiration, and try to mix things up a little bit. a lot of the bloggers i follow are at a pro-level when it comes to wearing neutrals and prints, casual outfits with heels, and everything in between. they’ve got it together… and on the days when i really just feel like throwing on leggings (and i do this a lot), they (sincerely jules, brooklyn blonde, and something navy) help me step it up a bit.

balance balance6 16544719064_a710209308_o

{ brooklyn blonde wearing the hell out of neutrals }

16980371848_d0d233d944_o 16794861810_e08e420207_o IMG_0520_zpsffowhrig

{ something navy is another favorite }


link loving



Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetpardon the random photos, i just really like them and decided to include them just for the hell of it.

the best beauty moments in disney movies 

brunch: one of the best meals of the day

this photo series is worth looking at  

hands down, he is my biggest crush 

a fan of the fact that guys think “meg” is a powerful name

so in support of this 

cool new york landmarks that are lesser known 

really pretty free fonts

george ezra, i love ya lots 

my excitement for true detective season 2 is growing 


the beauty rotation


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beauty faves

anastasia contour kit | nars illuminator | bobbi brown beach perfume and oil | naked 2 basics | giorgio armani sí perfume | mac teddy eye kohl | deborah lippmann naked nail polish | nars cruising lipstick | buxom lash mascara | mac faux lipstick | mac carbon eyeshadow | mac cubic blush 

i’m a big fan of beauty, and even the term big fan is an understatement. at the ripe old age of 4 i received my first makeup play set, and it’s been a beautiful friendship ever since. in elementary school i had a notebook that i would tape my idea of cool makeup photos in, and use it as my “inspiration book.” regardless of the fact that i didn’t even wear makeup back then, i still felt pretty cool with my little book. enter high school meg and the beginning of my “beauty blogging” on polyvore. i posted tutorials, spending way too much time taking pictures of my eye makeup as close to the mirror as i could… i looked straight up insane, but my leopard eye makeup tutorial still makes me pretty proud. today i’m as obsessed with makeup as ever (and have gotten much better about walking into sephora and walking out with nothing) and i know what products work for me. i’m all about neutral eyeshadows with a sultry twist (sorry for saying that, i hate myself a little too), a good lip color, glowing skin (once again, sorry), and perfume that smells good (i’m trying to make a joke). do any of you have “holy grail” beauty products?


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