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2013i’ve decided i’m the kind of person who may have my analytical side, but i have a creative half that balances it right out. whenever i take those quizzes asking if i’m left or right brained, i end up right in the middle. this classification isn’t exactly a classification, more a confirmation (even if these tests aren’t exact) in my mind at least, that i’m a good mix of different things. although i love making cards, decor, and little trinkets, i can’t stand having anything out of place or being unorganized. my organizational tendencies come in handy, but there are times i’ve gotta keep my perfectionistic quirks in check. when i head back to school, you can bet your bottom dollar (yes, i just said that) i will be making a paper source run and adding some new goodies to my crafting area (a.k.a. the desk i should be using to do homework). so many things on the internet inspire me to create, and i hope one day my blog will do that for others. to finish this post off, in the words of jack london, “you can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.”

cupcakes and cashmere

cupcakes and cashmere