state of the union


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what i’m eating | i am SO late to this trend, but i have discovered soup dumplings and i am for the better for it. they are the perfect food to eat when i’m lounging in my apartment and watching movies, trying to hide out from the cold. you can find them at many places in the city, but my favorite is at real kung fu little steamed buns ramen. it’s a mouthful, but it is OH, SO delicious.

what i’m reading | i am hoping to get this book for christmas, since “the gilded age in new york, 1870 – 1910” by esther crain seems like it will be an amazing read. it was voted a must-read of 2016, and as someone who loves both history and new york, this seems like the right choice for me.

what i’m wearing | let me tell you… if you need a ridiculous comfy and warm pair of winter socks, the camp socks by j.crew are the choice for you. they are great with a pair of short boots, but at the same time, i love wearing them around my apartment to keep my feet warm. for me, $16 has never been so well-spent.

what i’m wanting | since i travel for work quite a bit and my current carry-on luggage is looking worse for wear, i’ve been on the hunt for a new suitcase. i’ve been seeing some blogs covering away, so i decided to check it out. i am officially obsessed with these suitcases due to their design, space, and charging capabilities. i also tried out a new lip gloss the other day by smith & cult and i have become a new fan. the color shown above is called life in photographs and is absolutely beautiful. both these bad boy are in my shopping cart, so soon i’ll be making the push to purchase them.

what i’m decorating with | if you had asked me in the last couple of years if i felt the need to have fresh flowers in my apartment, i would have said no. however, since i have discovered bouqs, it is one of my new favorite websites/services. this is not an an in anyway, but i wanted to share because it is a sustainable flower delivery program that has an assortment of absolutely beautiful bouquets for very reasonable prices. check it out for yourself and see!

what i’m listening to | i am without a doubt listening to christmas music on a consistent basis, but i also happen to love dance music, among many other genres. if you need a new song to get hooked on, this one is for you.

fall in new york


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my favorite weather can be classified as easily as cold weather; this could mean a rainy, blustery day, or a day where the air is crisp and turning leaves are being stirred by whispering winds, or a day where the first flurry starts to fall. these different scenarios are the reason why i love the cold, and what makes new york during the fall oh so magical. if you were to ask me my favorite season, the decision between winter and fall is tough, but i’ve finally figured it out… i will say my favorite season is fall, but my favorite short and fleeting period of time is during christmas in new york. if you want to see real magic, i highly recommend visiting during this time of year.

however, instead of getting sidetracked, let’s get back to fall. you’ll find me bundled up in a flannel or a sweater coat, with a chai in hand and a book in my lap… throw in a new show on tv and we’re good to go.  (speaking of new shows, i highly recommend “good girls revolt” on amazon; i got through it in three days and it’s an easy to show to breeze through.) now it’s easy to stay cozy and warm indoors, but let’s not forget the walks to central park or along the high line, where the changing trees make up for the swarms of tourists new yorkers try to bypass. visits to the farmer markets on tiny side streets or grabbing some pumpkin treats at my favorite bakery is what makes this time of year one of my favorites. so november, i’m ready for you, in all the glory that you bring and all the beauty you bring to the city.  





just bare it.


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something i’ve realized is that i don’t wear face makeup during the work week. i wear brow gel and mascara during the week, but that’s really the most you’ll see me wearing. there’s something about living in the city and being exposed to some really gross stuff in the air. for that reason, i like to give my skin a break during the week. while i do wear face makeup if i’m going out during the weekend, my favorite look is “au naturale.” the lovely ladies in the photos pictured here rock that look, and it’s one of my favorites. for me, achieving this look is easy to do with the follow objects:

clarins beauty flash balm | this stuff is a GAME CHANGER. it costs a pretty penny, but i use it as a primer, a face moisturizer, basically for anything i need. if i feel like my skin needs something, then this is my go-to.

hourglass ambient lighting powder | i love to brush this all over my face for a smooth, even glow. it’s not too much and it helps brighten up my skin.

hourglass strobe lighting powder | i will say you have to pack this stuff on, but it is my favorite. it’s a beautiful highlighter and gives your face that perfect shine.

l’oreal voluminous million lashes mascara | this is hands down my favorite mascara and is budget-friendly. it gives you natural, luscious lashes and i have gone through four tubes of it. i call this my “holy grail” mascara, and if you try it you will see why.

benefit gimme brow volumizing fiber gel | this brow gel is the best for natural brows. all you do is swipe it on and head on your merry way. sometimes i’ll do a bit more, but if i’m on the move and want something easy this is it.

buxom full-on lip cream | this stuff is the bomb. there are multiple shades, but white russian is the color i always have in my bag. it’s the definition of my lips, but better and once again is my holy grail lip gloss.

laura mercier caviar stick eye colour | if you want a soft wash of color, these babies are your best friends. from some of the photos here, you can see that their eye looks were achieved with the lightest of shadows. i’d recommend using some of these guys for help with that technique. personally, i love moonlight and amethyst!





link loving


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heading into this weekend, here are the few links that i have been loving this week:

this suitcase is the carry-on of my dreams 

if you have the urge to travel, check out this list of bucket list hotels 

i love this post by cupcakes & cashmere on jobs that helped further her team’s careers

i am more than excited to watch a few (or a lot) of these movies

this little coffee table seems like the perfect addition for small spaces 

these stout pint and pale ale gummies from sugarfina are tempting me

check out this list of financial terms you need to know 

there is nothing like cinnamon rolls… especially this assortment of options 

if you need some new makeup in your life, check out this urban decay palette or this anastasia bevery hills bad boy 

now that cold season is here, check out this article so you are ready to go 


the makeup files: adele


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say hello to my idol, my favorite, my #1. since the moment she came on the scene i have been a proud fangirl, and throughout the years this hasn’t changed. if anything my love has only grown, and after seeing her live at madison square garden, my dreams have come true. i laughed, i cried, i dance, i sang (not necessarily in that order) and fangirled way too hard. let’s be honest though, you would do the same.

now it’s time to discuss her makeup, because i think we all can agree it is perfect. it’s not too much, but just enough, and it’s an easy go-to look. the first step in achieving her look is keeping your skin fresh with your regular face routine, minus the bronzer and highlighter. instead go for a matte contour shade and give your cheekbones some definition. we all know the focus of her look is the eyes (as it always is with adele). all you need is some neutral shadow to give your eyes some depth and a heavy flick of eyeliner, and you’re good to go. top it off with a few heavy swipes of mascara, or falsies if you’re in the mood, and you have mastered the adele look. all you need to complete this look is a rosy nude lip. if you don’t want to break the bank try out this little guy from maybelline. and if you’re willing to spend a bit more, try out this shade from nars.  i know i make it sound super simple, so if more detail is needed i would check out this video. if you’re feeling extra creative (and since halloween is right around the corner), throw on a black dress, grab a fake mic, fashion yourself a grammy or two, and embrace your inner adele for a costume this year.


meet the winners


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emilia clarke looking like a goddess straight off of mount olympus

i have been gone for far too long on here, and it is time for that to change. there’s nothing like an awards show to kickstart you, so here i am. thanks to me starting a new role at work a few months ago things have gotten a bit crazy, but blogging has always been a great creative outlet for me and it’s time for me to get back into it. so without further adieu, let’s get into it.

i am a tv fiend… there are way too many shows that i watch, which my netflix, hulu, and amazon accounts can attest. so while i sit here watching the emmys, trying to catch a glimpse of my faves from silicon valley, snl, outlander, game of thrones, and catastrophe (to name a few), there are a few outfits that caught my eye.


kristen bell can never do any wrong in my eyes, and this dress proves that


i won’t lie, i am way too scared to watch “stranger things”, but these kids look great


sophie turner kills this feminine meets gothic lacy piece of perfection


tracee ellis ross looks stunning. simple as that.


felicity huffman and william h. macy kill the couple and red carpet game


i think we can all agree that priyanka chopra looks red-hot (get it?) and also a little bit like the dancing woman emoji.

from head to toe


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if you want to talk about a look that is stylish, cool, and very put together (but doesn’t require a lot of effort), then jeans and pointy-toe pumps are the move. a few years ago i never would have said this… if you had asked me my thoughts on pointed pumps i probably would have laughed, but my how things have changed. if you’re going for something classic, this style of shoes can help you get there. now they may not be the most comfortable, depending on height and the padding on the sole, but at least you know that your jeans will feel good. so throw on a jean shirt, a white button down or an oversized sweater, slip on your favorite jeans, and slide into your pumps and you’re good to go. these are some of my favorite affordable options: nine west tatianasam edelman dea, bcbgeneration treasure and these are some you can lust after: christian louboutin pigalle folies and gianvito rossi roma.





spring selections


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spring style

all about these aquatic beauties | my favorite nude lip color for spring | the perfect bag for carrying around everything you need | loving the hardware on this necklace | a great go-to dress | my favorite springtime scent | some lighter vans for the lighter weather | the perfect color-correcting skin solution | my number one ~light, airy, and sultry~ perfume | a “throw it on and go” kind of sweater

i am counting my blessings thanks to the fact that spring is here and the weather is slowly warming up. my winter wardrobe consists of a lot of black, taupes, and grays (shocking new york wardrobe, i know) and now that the warmer weather is here i may or may not start adding some subtle pops of color into my wardrobe. i mean a wore a red skirt yesterday, which resulted in some comments about the shocking addition of color to my wardrobe. i’ll still be sticking to my blacks and grays, but whites, creams, blushes, blues, neutrals, prints, and greens will be making an appearance. i guess it’s time to embrace the rainbow (or a few colors in it).


link loving


my love for conor mcgregor is very real

the same goes for the golden state warriors

this leather tote is a wardrobe essential

can’t wait to try out this restaurant

gorgeous tularosa dress (that is on super sale!)

thanks to plated i have been cooking a ton, but i want to try out some of these recipes

my love for these boots is endless (but it will not be fulfilled anytime soon)

i will be making these (along with some drinks and bites) for saint patrick’s festivities 

a list of gorgeous hotels at affordable prices 

taste of new york


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{ shake shack is my biggest weakness… but the chicken sandwich is beyond worth it }

there are a lot of things that i write on this blog about that i love. one that i haven’t covered as much is food, and i think it’s about time it gets some love. i am lucky to live in a city that has countless options for amazing places to eat (along with options to grab a 3 a.m. snack when out and about…). there are countless markets that i would recommend making a stop at (gotham west market, urbanspace, and chelsea market to name a few), but you’ll never be at a loss for a great bagel, something to satisfy your sweet tooth, a slice of pizza, or even a salad if you want to get healthy.


{snowdays’ shaved ice is the perfect pick me up }


{try one of the many delicious creations at mike’s burgers, like their burger with corned beef. unf. }


{ friedman’s brunch menu, especially the pulled pork eggs benedict, is worth the wait on weekend mornings }


{ turkey egg sandwiches really make waking up on sundays much more bearable }


{ birds and bubbles has one of the most delicious chicken sandwiches i’ve ever had }


{ stop by dough to satisfy your sweet tooth… it will work }


{ georgetown cupcake still has a special place in my heart thanks to its soho location }


{ urbanspace vanderbilt is one of my favorite food halls in the city }


{ that time i braved the blizzard that hit new york to stop by central park and shake shack }


{ picking up doughnuts for a mid-day meeting can make work not so dreary }