meet the winners


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emilia clarke looking like a goddess straight off of mount olympus

i have been gone for far too long on here, and it is time for that to change. there’s nothing like an awards show to kickstart you, so here i am. thanks to me starting a new role at work a few months ago things have gotten a bit crazy, but blogging has always been a great creative outlet for me and it’s time for me to get back into it. so without further adieu, let’s get into it.

i am a tv fiend… there are way too many shows that i watch, which my netflix, hulu, and amazon accounts can attest. so while i sit here watching the emmys, trying to catch a glimpse of my faves from silicon valley, snl, outlander, game of thrones, and catastrophe (to name a few), there are a few outfits that caught my eye.


kristen bell can never do any wrong in my eyes, and this dress proves that


i won’t lie, i am way too scared to watch “stranger things”, but these kids look great


sophie turner kills this feminine meets gothic lacy piece of perfection


tracee ellis ross looks stunning. simple as that.


felicity huffman and william h. macy kill the couple and red carpet game


i think we can all agree that priyanka chopra looks red-hot (get it?) and also a little bit like the dancing woman emoji.

from head to toe


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if you want to talk about a look that is stylish, cool, and very put together (but doesn’t require a lot of effort), then jeans and pointy-toe pumps are the move. a few years ago i never would have said this… if you had asked me my thoughts on pointed pumps i probably would have laughed, but my how things have changed. if you’re going for something classic, this style of shoes can help you get there. now they may not be the most comfortable, depending on height and the padding on the sole, but at least you know that your jeans will feel good. so throw on a jean shirt, a white button down or an oversized sweater, slip on your favorite jeans, and slide into your pumps and you’re good to go. these are some of my favorite affordable options: nine west tatianasam edelman dea, bcbgeneration treasure and these are some you can lust after: christian louboutin pigalle folies and gianvito rossi roma.





spring selections


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spring style

all about these aquatic beauties | my favorite nude lip color for spring | the perfect bag for carrying around everything you need | loving the hardware on this necklace | a great go-to dress | my favorite springtime scent | some lighter vans for the lighter weather | the perfect color-correcting skin solution | my number one ~light, airy, and sultry~ perfume | a “throw it on and go” kind of sweater

i am counting my blessings thanks to the fact that spring is here and the weather is slowly warming up. my winter wardrobe consists of a lot of black, taupes, and grays (shocking new york wardrobe, i know) and now that the warmer weather is here i may or may not start adding some subtle pops of color into my wardrobe. i mean a wore a red skirt yesterday, which resulted in some comments about the shocking addition of color to my wardrobe. i’ll still be sticking to my blacks and grays, but whites, creams, blushes, blues, neutrals, prints, and greens will be making an appearance. i guess it’s time to embrace the rainbow (or a few colors in it).


link loving


my love for conor mcgregor is very real

the same goes for the golden state warriors

this leather tote is a wardrobe essential

can’t wait to try out this restaurant

gorgeous tularosa dress (that is on super sale!)

thanks to plated i have been cooking a ton, but i want to try out some of these recipes

my love for these boots is endless (but it will not be fulfilled anytime soon)

i will be making these (along with some drinks and bites) for saint patrick’s festivities 

a list of gorgeous hotels at affordable prices 

taste of new york


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{ shake shack is my biggest weakness… but the chicken sandwich is beyond worth it }

there are a lot of things that i write on this blog about that i love. one that i haven’t covered as much is food, and i think it’s about time it gets some love. i am lucky to live in a city that has countless options for amazing places to eat (along with options to grab a 3 a.m. snack when out and about…). there are countless markets that i would recommend making a stop at (gotham west market, urbanspace, and chelsea market to name a few), but you’ll never be at a loss for a great bagel, something to satisfy your sweet tooth, a slice of pizza, or even a salad if you want to get healthy.


{snowdays’ shaved ice is the perfect pick me up }


{try one of the many delicious creations at mike’s burgers, like their burger with corned beef. unf. }


{ friedman’s brunch menu, especially the pulled pork eggs benedict, is worth the wait on weekend mornings }


{ turkey egg sandwiches really make waking up on sundays much more bearable }


{ birds and bubbles has one of the most delicious chicken sandwiches i’ve ever had }


{ stop by dough to satisfy your sweet tooth… it will work }


{ georgetown cupcake still has a special place in my heart thanks to its soho location }


{ urbanspace vanderbilt is one of my favorite food halls in the city }


{ that time i braved the blizzard that hit new york to stop by central park and shake shack }


{ picking up doughnuts for a mid-day meeting can make work not so dreary }

chic in the city


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{ absolutely adore this look… a.k.a. i could see myself living in it }

my friends were visiting me the other weekend and pointed out something that was pretty obvious about my style taste: i love neutrals & i stick to what works. so when they saw my different shoes, that all had a theme (otk suede boots, ankle strap, simple heeled sandals, and so on) and a similar color story i laughed. it’s true, i’m a creature of habit… i will add something different in every once in a while, but blacks, tans, grays, browns, and whites are kind of my favorite. when the spring rolls around a colored lip or a maybe a colored skirt may make an appearance, but it depends on the day. i think my taste (which is pretty singular, if you can’t tell already) explains my love for the blogger brooklyn blonde. her looks are all right up my alley and she pulls otk boots off like nothing i’ve seen before. if you’re looking for some outfit inspiration, you should head her way!


{ these black jeans speak to my soul }


{ perfect combination of blues }


{ those boots. }


{ all about the comfy and cozy vibe here }


{ loving the way these neutrals all look together, plus the red lip is a win }


{ quite simply, this look is a yes. no other explanation needed. }

link loving


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hello to the weekend! here are some links i’ve been loving this week:

john mulaney can do no wrong in my eyes

easy dinner ideas for when you’re exhausted after work 

surplice tops are my favorite 

i am without a doubt a fan of these shoes 

in need of a ottoman for our living room and i think this one will work 

as a big movie fan, this article is great 

i love doughnuts, so this list of great spots in the city is a must to follow

a friend sent me this article about freida pinto, and since i love her i have to recommend it

chris martin and james corden are the best 

being bookish


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a bit of a tearjerker | this book will be impossible to put down | i have a feeling this book will be as exciting as the movie | this one is supposed to be thought-provoking and worth a read | the reviews for this surfing saga put it on my list | this world war II tale based off of a true story is up next for me | nothing like a good historical read (but actually)

do you know that feeling you had when you were little when you got caught doing something you shouldn’t be doing? the nervousness that came with worrying you were about to get in trouble. that happened to me all the time when it came to reading… i kid you not, i used to get in trouble (which my parents later admitted they couldn’t really be mad at me about) for reading way past my bed time. i’m taking flashlight under the covers, turning it off when i thought i heard footsteps, and overheating from having all my blankets over my head. so dramatic retelling aside, books are important to me. all the books above (except for “me before you” and “an ember in the ashes”) are on my to-read list and i can’t wait to dive into them, as cheesy as it sounds. the books i have read up above i highly recommend and suggest you get on reading those… one is a serious tearjerker (you’ve been warned) and the other is the definition of a page-turner. i’ll probably find an additional five more books i want to read, but good thing i can keep adding to my ever-growing list.


the makeup files: shay mitchell


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i’m going to try something a little bit different on here… makeup tutorials, so to speak. some of you may already know i used to post tutorials years ago and i stopped doing that for a while, but i think every once in a while it’ll be fun to include a few. with a certain day quickly approaching (a romantic day, so to speak… or even a treat yoself kind of day), hopefully i can help out in the beauty department. shay mitchell always rocks beautiful makeup thanks to her makeup artist, patrick ta, who creates looks i am obsessed with.

i love this look here, especially the warm, soft eye makeup, glowing skin, and sultry lip. it’s a look that works. if you want to give this look a try, there are a few key things you need to gather:

burgundy red lipstick (try mac diva or nyx burgundy), highlighter (try nars copacabana or nyx liquid illuminator), neutral eyeshadow colors (try urban decay naked palette or l’oreal the nudes), voluminizing mascara (try urban decay perversion or l’oreal voluminous mascara)

there are two different types of people: those who apply face makeup before eye makeup and those who do the reverse. i am the former. to get this started complete your normal face routine and add a little bit of bronzer on the hollows of your cheekbones to add some warmth to your face. one of the key parts of this look is the glow or “strobe” effect. by applying highlighter to the tops of cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and your cupid’s bow. this is the very basic way to highlight, but if you feel like going crazy just look up some tutorials.

now, for the eyes begin by applying a light tone in the inner corner to open up your eye (urban decay virgin) and buff into the inner 1/3 of your eye. blend a warm brown throughout the rest of your eye, which includes the crease and remaining parts of the lid) and along the lower lashline (combine urban decay buck and naked). to achieve that shimmer effect that shay has on the inner half of her eye and lower lashline, take a bronze or gold tone shadow and lightly pat it onto these areas (urban decay sidecar or half baked). finish off by lining your upper lashline very closely to the roots of your lashes; this will allow for your lashes to look thicker without ruining this ~soft makeup~ by looking like you’re wearing a ton of eyeliner. finish off with a few coats of mascara and you are good to go.

now for the lips… make sure your lips are prepped beforehand, meaning they should be moisturized and dry skin should be removed by gently exfoliating with a spare toothbrush. apply one layer of lip color, blot with a tissue, and finish off with a second coat. check your teeth (since getting lipstick on them is not the greatest look) and you’re ready to head out the door.

stay tuned for more beauty posts!

hello, february


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surprise, surprise… another month has come and gone. i feel like just yesterday i was writing a post about december and here we are ushering in february. luckily for me, i love february, which means new ~tasteful~ heart decor will be decorating my place. there are a few things on my list for the month: exploring brooklyn by way of walking the brooklyn bridge, taking a trip out to the beach, planning a trip with my friends from home, reading as much as possible, and talking about more beauty-related things on here. i mean if february isn’t the month of romantic eyes and alluring lips then i don’t know what is… stay tuned for those kinds of posts, because i promise they are coming!





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