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there is something special about heading home on amtrak whenever i have breaks from school. as i mentioned a few posts back, it’s insane that thanksgiving is already here, but i really do love going home. being with my family and relaxing at home while watching movies in front of the fire may be one of the best things in the world. i’m very close to my family (shoutout to my mom, who always tell me i don’t blog about her enough) and i love them like crazy. i can’t wait to go home and see them, eat an egg sandwich or two, sleep in every day and not just on saturday, wear comfy clothes, and go into the city with friends, but there’s something else about returning home… i really do miss new york when i’m gone, both the city and long island. i grew up so close to the city and since my grandparents lived there we always visited. new york has always been my second home and i still feel that way. whenever my train approaches the city and i see the new york skyline, the feeling i get is hard to explain; a mix of happiness and nostalgia, excitement and wonder, all-in-all it’s something that i cherish. i think john steinbeck said it best, “once you have live in new york and made it your home, no place else is good enough.”