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in the kingdom of ice: this tells the story of polar exploration during the gilded age and is supposed to be enthralling

a farewell to arms: an ernest hemingway classic set in world war I that i cannot wait to finally read

everything i never told you: when i tell you i could not put this down, i’m not being dramatic. i was up all night so i could finish it

empire of the summer moon: heard such great things about this book, and i love reading/learning about the american west, the frontier, manifest destiny, and native american culture (and its downfall at the hands of americans, which i don’t love…)

see how small: read the bio for this book, i promise it won’t disappoint

redeployment: a compilation of short stories featuring different perspectives of marines in the iraq war. i think military history and works of literature are so interesting, and this one was great

all the light we cannot see: this is one of the books that has been on my nightstand for the longest time and i really need to read it. i’ve heard way too many good things not to

the short and tragic life of robert peace: poignant, sad, but very much worth a read

california: you could buy this simply for the cover design

the yellow birds: another military read i need to finally read

to kill a mockingbird: the last time i read this book was in 8th grade, and i think right now would be a good time to re-read it

the boston girl: this book is right up my alley

we are not ourselves: i read the description for this one and i was hooked

fact: i love to read. a lot. when i was younger i would go through bags of books from the library and beg my mom to take me all the time. as i got older i asked my mom to take me to barnes and noble so i could buy books and start my own collection… which leads me to the point where i have three cases and have “coffee table books” all over my bedroom. i’ve also cleaned out my books so many times throughout the years that at this point i could have a baby library with the most random assortment of books. i love non-fiction, especially historical and autobiographical, fiction, short stories, everything. it’s all so good. some of the books above i’ve already read and plan on re-reading, like “to kill a mockingbird”, “redeployment” and “everything i never told you” were SUCH good books and i definitely recommend them. everything else i am getting ready to read or have started reading, so hopefully i have time to get through some of these.