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I’m a summer baby through and through. I would rather be on the beach, with my book and a half and half, or diving into the ocean, than anything else. So when summer rolls around I pull out some of favorites, such as my whole entire John Mayer collection (perfect to drive out to the beach to) or Bobbi Brown’s Beach collection. I literally used to wear Coppertone as perfume, because it smelled like summer THAT much to me. So you can imagine how much I love the whole Beach family if any of you are familiar with Bobbi Brown’s amazing line. I’m still in the process of rounding out my collection, but soon the oil and scrub will join the family! The smell is out of this world, and if you want sunshine, sunscreen, ocean spray, and memories bottled up (as cheesy as that sounds) these products are for you.

Why do I get the feeling that I’m planning a giveaway?…

shimmering fragrance oil // eau de parfum spray

body lotion // body oil