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i am the kind of person that once i love something, i truly LOVE it. it’s bad, i know, and some people may be a bit horrified by the sheer amount of sites, blogs, projects, and products i have favorited on my computer. i’m not. i like to consider it a serious kind of devotion, and this devotion is also seen in my everyday life, whether it be in my job, schoolwork, side projects, etc. i throw myself into something and i won’t stop until it’s completed (also i try to make it perfectly completed…)

anyways, i’m getting sidetracked.. back to my obsession. if i find something and i love it, i will squeeze everything i can out of our relationship (that sounds violent, this is more of a materialistic relationship, do not worry!). me and stripes, yeah it’s an unhealthy relationship, the photo below says it all…

so, yesterday i found a site that makes the most amazing posters of cities and i’m lusting after so, SO many of them. that little ol’ word “obsessed” has popped up again, but you know, i think you guys will be too…

how is this $22… it’s a miracle.

seeing georgetown gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. i seriously may need this for my dorm room.

why are these so perfect?

could this be any cooler?

so yes, i will say it i have “serious devotion” to ork and i am proud. now, all we need is a long island poster and then we’ll be talking…