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since i started my life in lipstick, i’ve had a special supporter. this supporter isn’t a typical one, in the sense that she reads my posts only in the hopes that she will one day appear in one. literally, that is all she wants, and i get reminded of it constantly. the person we’re speaking of, well, it’s my mom (yes, i get the duck face from her). i just got off the phone with her, and listened to her recount the traumatizing experience that was her visit to the mall. yes, she’s a bit crazy, but she happens to be one of the most amazing people i know. mind you my nicknames growing up all had the same theme: devil child shortened to dc, nasty girl, satan’s spawn, etc. i always countered these claims with the argument that if i’m being called a devil child, i am her child, so she technically is the devil. (i won’t deny though that i was the pre-teen that i hope my future daughter never will be…) in all honesty, i waited so long to post about my mom, because describing her in a few words isn’t possible. to know my mom is to love her, be friends with her, or have her touch your life in some small way (sorry i didn’t become a nurse like you mom, i have your emotional side, so it’s your fault..) i swore i wouldn’t get cheesy during this post, so this next statement is the last “emotional” thing i’ll write.. to continue the dempsey family tradition of having an obsession with james taylor, in the words of this wise musician, “whenever i see your smiling face i have to smile myself because i love you, yes i do.” now if any other family members want something written about them, i love you all, but mom had to wait months, so unless you bribe me, you’ll have to wait too..