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nike blazers // commes de garcon x converse high tops // st.alfred x converse // nike wedges // converse pro suedes

i will admit that i like sneakers. i like them a lot. i can easily switch from wearing ballet flats into a pair of high tops and feel completely comfortable with the way it looks (even if my brother doesn’t agree). my brother is a self-professed “sneakerhead”, and knows an unfathomable amount of information about the sneaker world. he can tell you about the start of the jordan brand, the best possible way to obtain a pair of sneakers through an online seller (it’s not as sketchy as it sounds… or that’s what he tells me), along with the proper preparation and shopping route/operation necessary to get the newest pair of sneakers (honestly, it’s intense.. i’d be scared). the release of the lebron 9 south beaches was a big deal in my house, let me tell you… although i don’t know as much as my brother about the sneaker world, i do know a fair share about shoes and “regular people” sneakers, thank you very much. until then i’ll wait for my next visit back home, filled with updates on how my brother’s “business” is going.