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article-0-1A8AC10D000005DC-340_634x824the other day i posted a photo on instagram announcing the return of MEGamakeupaddict, the name i used to post tutorials on polyvore. looking back on this name i cringe a little bit, but i’m not going to lie and say it isn’t accurate. there were days i’d come home after school and head straight to my beauty stash, grabbing a few pieces to apply for a new look. that was the norm, and i miss doing makeup like that. i can’t tell you that getting the black swan makeup off my face was easy, but it was one of the coolest things i’ve ever done. so i’ve made the decision to go back to playing around with makeup more often. you won’t see me posting photos of my eyeballs or anything like that, but there will definitely be some more beauty-oriented posts.  5ddb6b3ae3ab9f631d19dca04e7d23a0-1 9ed6ddbc84a967045111d188dccdab1c bdc3262198827483fa77adcbf7d7941ff527eb6e0fac51ea920f0cd81a56b99a