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tumblr_mkdvmdaudC1qes1wto1_500this may sound totally weird, but there is nothing i love more than grouping photos together.. yes, grouping photos together. now it isn’t as simple as grabbing one here and one there, instead i actually try to find ones that fit together like a puzzle. i can see people reading this and thinking “well, that’s easy” or “well, that’s stupid”, but it is something that both calms me and lets me be creative without have to use up too much energy (seeing that i’m running a bit low on it these days due to lack of sleep). anyways i always find myself searching through my pinterest or my tumblr and just grouping together photos, depending on how i’m feeling, what month it is, yadda, yadda, yadda. i’ve been working on my desktop background for july and that has been tedious…(if you consider putting pictures together tedious, which it can be!) so here are some photos for all of you to enjoy, god knows i “worked” on them. tumblr_mo8o6lnHeS1qbya53o1_50080d7eb758b46230b5606fd289bc2805ftumblr_m38x75OYxi1rulg6zo1_500ea594c3ba65c0b61506365e713a2ee8atumblr_mnra9wfSTb1re5b7mo1_500tumblr_mf8oj1YsW01r3bteso1_r8_500