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ea594c3ba65c0b61506365e713a2ee8athis upcoming weekend i will be heading back down to georgetown to embark on my junior year. it’s insane how quickly time flies by, and i really wish it would slow down a tad bit. the cool thing about this year is that my roommates and i will be living in an on-campus apartment, which means decorating time!! it’s really hard to plan decor for a place you aren’t living in, but i have been making some attempts. a target run here and there, window shopping in anthropologie, and a few days spent doing some d.i.y. projects will hopefully all pay off. the good thing about our apartment is that we have a big living room, which gives us a lot to work with, but on the other hand the bedrooms are so tiny.. the struggle to pack clothing this year is seriously real. when everything is finally put together i’ll be sure to post a few photos on here, but until then i figured i’d share some of the photos that inspired me!tumblr_mqgq6tolhH1qinh1vo1_500tumblr_mh3ondXcSr1rpbo22o1_500parisday9dd630e49d96276fa1ee92ea4ea226083-1enhanced-buzz-6199-1350085400-0