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megan-georgetownINSLEEi’m back at georgetown and honestly it feels like i never left.. i’ve said this multiple times, but it’s so true. once i step foot on campus and see healy hall for the first time, it’s as if summer barely happened. this semester will most definitely be a different one (friends studying abroad, new classes, clubs to administer, etc.), but i couldn’t be more excited. as of now i’m still working with my roommates to finish up our apartment (it takes time!), but when it’s done i promise all photos will be up here. my bedroom is a totally different story though… i have yet to tackle putting away my shoes and i still don’t think i’m ready for it.

now for the “coolest” part of this post… the illustration above was created for me by inslee. i interviewed her last year for the her campus georgetown branch, and afterwards was able to work with her to commission a print. i basically wanted a georgetown girl, and inslee more than delivered. while i was way too afraid to transport this to college with me (it’s hanging in a frame at home), i figured printing it out and putting in a frame here at school would work just as well. so until next time, which i promise will be soon, hoya saxa. (if you don’t know what this means, look it up)