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c7c392c4819761b0a226b523b6dfb9d5guys, today is the first day of october, and i am legitimately freaking out. once october rolls around i feel like fall is officially here, and i couldn’t be more excited. i am a cold weather, crispy leaves, pumpkin-flavored anything, cozy sweater, roaring fire, boot wearing kind of person. (that was a mouthful, i know) the thought of leaves changing, the smell of fall filling the air, and that first really chilly day makes me deliriously happy. you may or may not be reading this and thinking this girl is incredibly dramatic, a bit crazy, and more obsessed with fall than she should be, but you’re right. from now until december, i’m in my favorite three month period of the year and i couldn’t be happier. if you think i’m freaking out now, just wait until december rolls around…90449b665ae797bf511c5f7459119e09 4ad14c7871bb9027eaf96f2dec921694 c4db7f9f06dc1e73ddddc4753e315d3ad0fbdea9354937c1c6bc6c95f5cd179d 866ec7ff271cb9866547a63ab7c32edafall-to-do-list