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hi there, remember me? sorry for being so totally m.i.a., but i will try my damn hardest to make sure it doesn’t happen again. work has been a bit crazy and so has life, especially when trying to move to a brand new place. exciting, but daunting. since i love decorating and am super detail-oriented, putting together my new apartment has been very fun… very fun, but very time consuming. in any of my college dorms or even my room at home, i love white, blacks, grays, nudes (a.k.a. all the neutrals you can imagine) as the base and pops of color so nothing stays too boring or too stark. don’t even get me started on framed prints and art, since i’m all about that. the photos here have been a big source of inspiration, and i can finally say i’m starting to make moves. once everything is put together photos will be posted on here, but for now let’s just say that my version of a gallery wall (without the expensive art) is on its way.




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