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favorite fall thingsrifle paper co. phone case //  one of my favorite quotes // the album i can’t stop listening to // shoes that seem amazing // one of my favorite hats // a nail polish look i’d love to try out // my fall addiction

once i get into a routine i tend to stick with it for a while, becoming mildly obsessed with different aspects of it. now that fall finally has arrived i have a few things that i more than love and can’t get enough of.

i happen to be absolutely obsessed with that leopard phone case. i’ve been using my rifle paper co. new york phone case since this summer and it’s amazing. it hasn’t gotten messed up after being dropped more times than i’d like to admit so i haven’t felt the need to change my phone case… until now.

thanks to pinterest i can now keep all of my favorite quotes in one place, which has been a blessing and a curse. once i’m on pinterest i can’t get off, and since i have a soft spot for inspirational sayings, i could spend a ridiculous amount of time compiling one of my inspirational boards.

i love music, especially anything that is folksy/indie. during my heyday in high school i was a big dashboard confessional fan… chris carrabba was my boy. the other day i wish watching reign (a new cw show that i LOVE) and a scene came on that i was instantly obsessed with. first, the main character was dancing in the middle of a ballroom with her best friends in a scene straight out of my dreams, and second the background song was literally perfect. after a little stalking i found that the band in question was twin forks and the song was back to you, and unsurprisingly my boy, chris carrabba, was a lead singer of this new band. i’ve had their EP on repeat for the past few days, and i recommend you take a listen! (back to you is actually great)

i love almost anything leopard. i’ve been eyeing these slippers for what seems like forever but at this point i can’t find them anywhere. hopefully they’ll pop up on a discount site one of these days, but until then i’ll keep searching.

now that it’s getting cold i can FINALLY enjoy chai lattes. for me they happen to be highly addictive, so i caved and had my first one last week. once i kick off the chai season i consume an insane amount… this year i’m going to try my hardest to practice more control.

thanks to my mane of hair i am a collector of baseball caps. usually i always have one in my bag, and other than my college baseball cap, i love wearing the one above.

i have been waiting to try out matte nails for the longest time, and i love how it looks with black nail polish. if i finish work early tonight, this is something i will definitely try out.