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tumblr_n1u9skGsUL1rn2p9bo1_500if any of you happen to be fans of the breakfast club, then you may or may not know that yesterday was the 30th anniversary of this group’s fateful meeting. since i’m kind of obsessed with this movie and can watch it repeatedly, i figured i’d kick off this post with the ending scene, because watching it makes me feel like everything is right in the world.

fun fact: i love elvis. i don’t know how or why, but i just do, even though no one else in my family does… so this buzzfeed article may or may not have had me freaking out a little bit.

LOVE this whole entire look.

do i have a reason to wear this dress? not really… will i get this dress? probably not. do i want it? 100% yes.

this collaboration between jimmy fallon and billy joel is pure perfection.

this trick to getting a great high ponytail is on point.

counting down the days until i can go back to this restaurant, one of my favorites in the city.

this song is my current obsession, and if you haven’t listened to augustines (formerly we are augustines) i recommend you do.

i’m all about those buzzfeed quizzes, so when they released a friday night lights version i was all over it. it was posted a while ago, but it’s too good not to include. i got tami taylor (hallelujah) and my brother got tim riggins, so i’d say it’s pretty accurate.

once i finish my current vegan diet (which i’ll talk about later) i will basically be on a baking and cooking frenzy, and this dip will without a doubt be made.