enhanced-buzz-2818-1396058466-4news flash! i went vegan for lent/a 30 day challenge… for someone like me, who cherishes breakfast sandwiches, frozen yogurt and chicken and goat cheese in my salads, it wasn’t easy, but it hasn’t been too bad. now when i say day 2 was bad, i’m not kidding. most of it was definitely psychological, but at 10:45 that night i was laying in bed feeling weak and exhausted… putting me being dramatic aside, i actually wasn’t feeling too hot. that was march 18th, and here i am on april 2nd and i’ve gotten used to it. i do feel good, but there are a few things that i am more than missing a.k.a. all meat and eggs, and butter, and cheese… so actually i’m missing a lot. the great thing about this challenge/sacrifice is that i’ve been cooking a lot, and since i love to cook, it’s been fun. what doesn’t help is that i’ve been looking up both vegan and non-vegan recipes and i’m counting down until i can cook certain meals… during my research (which has become a daily thing) i’ve come across more than a few recipes i want to try out:


loaded bbq chicken nugget nachos

beer-battered-fish-tacos-I-howsweeteats.com-7beer battered fish tacos with margarita mango salsa and jalapeño crema

eggs-benny-I-howsweeteats.com-5sweet corn cake eggs benedict with avocado hollandaise 

panini2_zpsc1e3f265turkey, avocado, and goat cheese panini