tumblr_n6gtkh7cil1qa431co1_500so… here i am! i’m back after a long, long absence. the longest i’ve ever taken on this site actually, but all for good reason. after coming home for my junior year the the best way to explain my “pause” in blogging is that life got in the way. no matter how much i love blogging and working on this site i needed a break. the whole point is that blogging is supposed to be something you love doing and i feel like i lost that love for a little while. that sounds so dramatic and i’m not trying to be dramatic at all (even though i’m a dramatic person) but i needed to get excited about blogging again. i have so many blog post ideas saved up and pictures waiting to be posted, but never got around to posting them. all i have to say is that’s going to change now. there have been so many times where i’ve taken a break with this blog and come back, but this time my “return” is really going to stick. for everyone who follows me i’m going to ramble on and on just like i usually do, but this time it will be with a lot more frequency. i was going to try to come up with some kind of cheesy joke to finish this all off, but i couldn’t really think of anything… so instead i’m going to cut myself off here and keep it plain and simple: “see” you guys soon (a.k.a like tomorrow)