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tumblr_lr4fw5ml0U1r1iyfho1_500last night i happened to miss my boys perform… yes, i refer to mumford & sons as my boys, and yes, missing them wasn’t a good time for me. i started watching the grammys literally right after they performed, so i have spent the majority of today watching their performance over and over. they happen to be coming into town (aka dc) this week, and tickets sold out in under six minutes. six minutes. i was in class and unable to purchase said tickets, even though i’ve been waiting to see them for years.. so unless i work out some last minute deal, or delve into the world of craigslist, me finally seeing my favorite band in concert won’t be happening. instead i’ve put together a group of “rustic” photos which i like to look out while listening to the babel soundtrack. seriously, try it out, the combination just works. tumblr_mg0eki0Aho1r9ouy2o1_500tumblr_mgac2aGJ731qa431co1_1280tumblr_mg9e7yYsfr1r5eg77o1_1280