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photo 3-2// my lovely bedroom for senior year (blog post on this soon!) //

let me start this off by saying that i haven’t done one of these types of posts in a very long time. i don’t even remember the last time i did a “day in the life”, a.k.a. throwing a bunch of instagram photos together that capture a small part of my life. the other day i was thinking about how much i used to love doing these, so i figured i should start it up again. this time with something a little bit different. actually, a lot different. a photo of me, kinda. i’ve never actually posted a photo of myself on here and don’t really have a reason why, but here we go. i guess if i really want to do this blogging thing, i have to unveil “the face behind the site”… so shield your eyes and prepare yourselves. jokes, i’m not that scary… only a little bit.

photo 2

// blonde chocolate, banana split, and blueberry cheesecake georgetown cupcakes //

photo 3

// hello september… also inslee, you’re the bomb //

photo 4

// missing the little man, who reps georgetown gear better than anyone i know //

photo 5

// 21st birthdays and beginning to feel kinda, sorta old (don’t worry, we’re all legal) //

photo 2

// kicking off georgetown senior week with the cutest mascot out there //

photo 1

// when in greece… or when you’re at a toga party in your school cafeteria //

photo 2

// banana chocolate chip bread with almond milk is life changing //

photo 4// one of my favorite spots in d.c., plus it has the best people watching //

photo 3

// part 2,345 (or something like that) of the kitchen chronicles //