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charlotteolympia.jpg_effectedtime and time again i have posted about my favorite blogger on here, because her outfits are that good. go to the search bar on this site and look up jules… i promise you that you’ll find one or two (or four) snippets about her. yeah it’s a lot, but it’s because her style is really that good. every outfit looks amazing, but she never looks as if she’s trying too hard. let me tell you, this is impressive… there have been times where i wok on pulling off that whole carefree look, but it takes work. too casual, you’re looking a bit messy, and too put together, you’re trying too hard. she’s mastered this conundrum, and if you don’t agree or haven’t heard of her, these photos should prove it. diego1MAS.jpg_effectedbestdressed5black10.jpg_effected