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The Fall To-Do List

go on buzzfeed during the fall and you’ll find a countless amount of articles talking about what it means to be “basic.” apparently liking the fall makes you a basic person… well if that’s the case then screw it, i’m basic. in all honesty though, how does enjoying the leaves changing or wearing sweaters make you this way? if it’s cold, i’m going to wear a sweater, like any normal person would. but seriously, fall and winter are my two favorite times of the year, no shame in admitting it… once i can start baking apple pies or pumpkin cinnamon rolls, i’m in my own version of heaven. throw in a little frank sinatra or hozier to this cooking scenario, and i’m good to go. i’ve already decorated with candy corn (pictures to come), the boot breaking-in process is currently underway (painful, so painful), and both abc family and trader joe’s will be seeing a lot of me. you’re probably reading this and thinking how basic i am. all i have to say to that is “k, cool.” enjoy my fall to do list and a picture of an amazing bonfire, haters.