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i want to be an art collector, specifically an art collector of inslee’s work. my first time seeing her illustrations was a few years ago when i was scrolling through tumblr and i’ve been obsessed ever since. i consider myself to be very creative, but sadly i can’t paint… if i could though, i imagine it would be something like inslee’s paintings. not only do i have all of her calendars, but her prints are also next level. a few of them are framed on my wall and i love them more than life itself (that’s a bit dramatic, but i’m trying to explain my love). two years ago i commissioned a piece by her (my georgetown girl) and it’s my pride and joy. i love her and will treasure her forever. if you ever want some inspiration head on over to her blog, because i promise you’ll spend a ridiculous amount of time looking through her illustrations. also, i may or may not have just ordered a set of her holiday cards… it’s never too early to get started.