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i’ve done this once before, but i figured it’s time for round two…

1. from the picture above you may be able to tell what i’m getting at… i love elvis presley. love. i’ve seen all his movies, been to graceland, have an elvis pillow, books, and shirts. i also love johnny cash, but there’s something about elvis.

tumblr_ne5eatEyem1rl727go1_12802. showers are amazing and i love them. there’s nothing like an amazing shower, but i love taking baths. if i could take a bath everyday i would. give me candles, a book, and bath bombs and i am happy.

3. i am very particular about certain things, especially when it comes to organization. if i notice something is a bit messed up, i have to fix it. if i’m stressed out i clean to calm down, and it actually soothes me. (i get it from my mama)

tumblr_nel50jiQ4h1rqy6sqo1_12804. breakfast food is EVERYTHING. i love eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles and i love to make them. there’s something special about making breakfast food and i think it goes back to memories of growing up.

5. i usually need to listen to music to fall asleep at nighttime, but it has to be soothing… so edm is avoided and i stick to m83, bon iver, hozier, kodaline, etc.

6. more often than not you can find me baking. i’ve loved baking since i was little, and my dream of all dreams is to one day open a bakery. i even have plans for it in a notebook that i’ve had for years…

tumblr_ndwl2jjQzI1qe7cyro1_5007. rainy weather is where it’s at. yes, i love the sun, and i love fall days and snow more than a lot, but there’s something about rain. i love curling up with a book or watching tv, a chai latte and a cup of soup, and just being cozy. best feeling in the world (not to be dramatic or anything)

8.  i have a serious love/hate (emphasis on hate) relationship with chocolate. i can’t eat chocolate by itself, it makes me sick. i don’t like chocolate ice cream, or brownies, or sweets that are too chocolatey and end up being way too rich. on the other hand, i love reese’s peanut butter cups, chocolate chips that don’t have too many chips, etc. basically i’m a diva about chocolate and you get the idea…

austin-postcard-mural-19. something on my bucket list is traveling the united states. there are so many cities i want to see (austin, nashville, charleston, denver, portland, and seattle to name a few) and my hope to travel to them is growing. i already know i’m going to fall in love with all of them.

10. i’m a really big basketball fan. while the knicks are my home team, my love isn’t limited to them only. i love nba basketball in general and like to watch almost any game. also… my #1 nba crush is marc gasol.