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  1. an amazing pair of headphones (there will be times you need to study, but it’s not quiet enough. you can use noise canceling headphones, or as i do, play “peaceful” music on my beats. you literally won’t be able to hear ANYTHING other than your own thoughts. ps SHOUTOUT to the big cousin will, i wouldn’t have been enlightened on this essential without you.. )
  2. a super SUPER comfy sweater (an essential for late night study sessions)
  3. an enormous calendar (for scheduling and organization. you may or may not become dependent on this)
  4. set of plateware/silverware (you won’t have a kitchen now, so finding a plate won’t be as easy..)
  5. planners galore (you may use one, but i have a few for different classes, activities, etc. i also make way too many to-do lists…)
  6. reliable pair of boots (a pair of boots that is comfortable and can go from classes to nights out is a necessity.)
  7. first aid kit (it may seem boring, but it’s oh so necessary)
  8. a throw blanket for your bed (if you’re power napping it’s easier to climb out from under a simple blanket, compared to getting under all your covers.. i learned this the hard way..)
  9. a really good room spray (aerie has one that smells HEAVENLY!)
  10. room décor (this may seem obvious, but i loved decorating my dorm room, because it made it seem more like home.. I treated my side of the room like a little nook/getaway.
  11. an overnight bag (use a bag like this for weekend trips back home. when you’re lugging bags to your school for move in weekend it’s easy to forget a smaller piece of luggage!)
  12. a makeup bag to carry your makeup into the bathroom (it’s not just a shower you’re sharing with other people, its mirror space too. the alternative to this is a mirror for your desk, which works too!)
  13. door hooks for your closet door (saves a TON of space! i hung hats, button downs and maxi dresses on these, along with a towel and robe. you’re going to need as much space as you can get
  14. vitamins (i may sound like a mom, but vitamins are an essential. i can’t even begin to tell you how many people got sick in the beginning of the year. living on the same floor basically contains the illness to surrounding areas so sickness spreads fast.)
  15. a set of tools (i promise they will come in handy!)
  16. an extra pair of sheets (this is something that is easily forgotten… i almost did, but thank god for my mom. when you’re doing laundry, or on the other hand don’t have time, it’s good to have backup sheets!)
  17. a pair of slippers that aren’t truly slippers (this may seem obvious for some people, but it wasn’t to me. i didn’t bring a pair with me and regretted it when having to go to the bathroom and not wanting to put “proper” shoes on. i wear ugg moccasins which are the comfiest shoes ever (you can easily find cheaper alternatives though).. i even wore them to a test or two when I was too nervous/preoccupied to put real clothes on)
  18. a book or two (i may be solo on this one, but i love to read, and hated how I lost time to read books that I wanted while away at school. that’s something i plan on changing next year.. pack a book or two – i recommend a favorite so you don’t get sick of them- to flip through when you need a break from assigned reading. I brought fun style books such as lauren conrad’s, derek blasberg’s, a french style book which is a favorite, and a new one that I can’t wait to bring.
  19. a pot and pan (if you have a common room, use it! if you can’t cook take these last few weeks to teach yourself some basic recipes.. after eating dining hall food you will without a doubt crave a homemade meal. my favorite college recipe is an egg cup with bacon. so easy to make, but so, so good)
  20. something to remind you of home (whether it be pictures, a poster that involves a saying, anything. living on your own for the first time is fun, but also daunting and there are those little moments that make you homesick. like when you want to run to the deli to get your favorite sandwich or run downstairs and play with your dog (personal experience).)

 College is a whole new world and while you may be a bit nervous, it’s so fun and so worth the work of getting in, so enjoy it!