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right after posting my golden globes blurb my computer decided to die, first week back at school. so that’s great. my laptop was sent off by apple for repairs and hopefully i should get it back soon. i’ve been borrowing my roommate’s laptop (bless you, annie) and hopefully i get mine back soon so i can upload more posts that i have saved on my mac… which may or may not happen if everything is lost.


now that i started off with that intro, i’ll get to the real point of this upload. post-graduation i plan on doing a road trip across the u.s. with my friends, which has been on my bucket list for the longest time. my mom’s had this dream of taking an RV across the united states (which i still want to do, mom), but there are so many places and cities that i want to visit. i may or may not be a history freak and i love traveling and food, good food, so i’m more than excited for this trip. there will definitely be a lot of stops on this trip, but some musts include tennessee (memphis and nashville… elvis and johnny cash without a doubt influenced these choices), texas (austin), arizona (ghost towns and the grand canyon), and a number of other places. last spring break we road-tripped throughout the south and i got to see so much of louisiana and mississippi, and promptly fell in love with every place we visited. i’ve been using this website to do some research and pinterest to start organizing/planning, so expect some more posts on the post-graduation whirlwind adventure. (also, the duffel bag above seems pretty perfect for this trip)