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i tend to talk a lot about fashion, beauty, and other similar topics on here, but i figured it’s time to talk about one of my favorite things… something that doesn’t get mentioned a lot on here. i am a massive NBA fan, especially for my home team, the new york knicks, but the love i have for marc gasol and the grizzlies comes in a very close second. during my senior year of high school my best friend and i, along with her dad, went to memphis for around 24 hours for an 18th birthday/nba playoffs trip whirlwind experience. we made a stop at graceland, where i finally admitted to my elvis obsession, had bbq and two pitchers of sweet tea at rendezvous, and then watched memphis beat san antonio in the 2011 playoffs to win the series. i loved the grizzlies and marc before this, but this little trip solidified my love for everything grizzlies, memphis, elvis, and marc. seriously though, marc if you see this call me. it can be tough being a knicks fan (if you are one you’ll understand), but since i enjoy watching the majority of nba teams playoffs season is still fun. i have a few teams that i’m rooting for (grizzlies are obviously #1), and i like to keep track of how everyone is doing. for the past few years i’ve had a tradition of making my own brackets, and earlier today i put together one for the 2015 playoffs. understandably this post is random for a blog titled “my life in lipstick”, but obviously a girl can love both (clearly i do). p.s. if you happen to be into the nba, let me know who you’re rooting for!

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