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back to black

rebecca minkoff jules satchel | ray ban aviators | dogeared pouch | sam edelman yates heels | heritage cookbook | heartloom zuma romper 

tomorrow i’ll be heading to san francisco (pictures to come!), but before i left i wanted to put up a quick post. i can vouch for the romper on the bottom when i say it’s one of the best purchases i’ve made. i’ve already worn it more than i should, and i’ve had it for a few weeks. if you happen to be a foodie, heritage is for you; it’s one of my favorite cookbooks thanks to its colorful imagery and delicious recipes. in terms of clothing and accessories, the shoes are a bit wild but that’s what makes them fun. aviators are a classic and i’ll always have them on (maybe black ones in the future), but for now i’ll be sticking with my gold/dark gray-green pair that everyone seems to have. lastly, rebecca minkoff may have created the perfect work bag (and dogeared’s pouch would fit nicely with it).