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state of the union 1

what i’m eating | guys, shake shack came out with a chicken sandwich and let me tell you, it looks unreal. yes, i have yet to try it, but it’s something straight out of my food fantasies. as of now it’s only at their brooklyn locations, so i will without a doubt be making my way over there. there’s nothing like their burger, and i’m loyal to it, but when a chicken sandwich looks like that it’s time to try something different.

what i’m wearing | i received this snake cuff bracelet from baublebar for my birthday from a friend and i absolutely love it. i usually don’t wear jewelry other than my rings and my earrings, but i’m all about dainty bracelets. i used to wear an evil eye bracelet every day, but after it broke i’ve been in the market for a new one. i happened to find one earlier in the day (thin gold chain with an evil eye in the middle) and have been wearing both bracelets since. i’ve also started to revisit some of my favorite dusty roses/nudes, like exposed from tarte. it’s a great formula, has a minty, refreshing scent, and looks great on.

what i’m reading | right now i am in the midst of decorating my place and let me tell you, it involves books and lots of them. i’m a huge fan of coffee table books, but i like to mix them up. while some of them may be more fashion-focused, i also have a few historical selections and one or two on the kennedys, elvis, cookbooks, you name it. american beauty is one of my favorites, so i’m excited to finally get everything all set up.

what i’m lusting after | there’s not much too say other than the fact that i think these schutz shoes are gorgeous. i’ve been eyeing them for a while, and recently saw ayesha curry rocking them and i’m more obsessed than ever.

what i’m listening to | if you need a new musician to listen to and appreciate music that you can’t get out of your head, then erik hassle is the choice for you.

what i’m decorating with | as you may know, i love elvis. i wanted to find a way to incorporate my love for the king into my new place without it being too much or weird. well, luckily enough i was out for dinner the other night and saw a reprint of andy warhol’s double elvis hanging in a white frame at the restaurant. it looked amazing and inspired me to do the same for my own bedroom. i ordered the print from art.com, so hopefully it won’t be too aggressive (it won’t be)… we’ll see how it turns it out.