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a bit of a tearjerker | this book will be impossible to put down | i have a feeling this book will be as exciting as the movie | this one is supposed to be thought-provoking and worth a read | the reviews for this surfing saga put it on my list | this world war II tale based off of a true story is up next for me | nothing like a good historical read (but actually)

do you know that feeling you had when you were little when you got caught doing something you shouldn’t be doing? the nervousness that came with worrying you were about to get in trouble. that happened to me all the time when it came to reading… i kid you not, i used to get in trouble (which my parents later admitted they couldn’t really be mad at me about) for reading way past my bed time. i’m taking flashlight under the covers, turning it off when i thought i heard footsteps, and overheating from having all my blankets over my head. so dramatic retelling aside, books are important to me. all the books above (except for “me before you” and “an ember in the ashes”) are on my to-read list and i can’t wait to dive into them, as cheesy as it sounds. the books i have read up above i highly recommend and suggest you get on reading those… one is a serious tearjerker (you’ve been warned) and the other is the definition of a page-turner. i’ll probably find an additional five more books i want to read, but good thing i can keep adding to my ever-growing list.