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around this time last year i was getting ready to head off to georgetown and begin my freshman year. if you know me personally, you’ll know that i’m a very friendly/outgoing person, but sometimes i get crazy nervous for the stupidest of reasons. going off to college seemed like a legitimate enough reason for me to be so nervous, along with excited, that i couldn’t sleep. before i left for school and during my first few days there, i couldn’t eat because there were my good ol’ nerves getting the best of me. 

fast forward a few days and i knew college would be amazing, and skip ahead to this current summer and i couldn’t be happier at school. i love the people, the school, the classes, the environment and most of all the city, d.c. and am so grateful that i can go to a school i dreamed of attending my whole life. if anything, this past year has taught me to not sweat the small stuff, no matter how cliche that sounds. i think it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in ideas, and to-do lists, and activities, and before you know it you’re exhausted. 

i plan on going into this year with an open mind (and a hungry stomach ;)) and stay balanced among all the different ideas i have.. i want to keep my life and lipstick up and running, which means i’ll definitely be budgeting some time for posts, but I’m okay with that, because it is important to me. there will be all new classes (archaeology and marketing, here i come!), the continuance of my job at j.crew (i’ll miss my home store though), writing for a school publication (which i adore), and some other things i couldn’t be more excited for. yes the scenery may shift, and some posts will definitely become more college-oriented, but managing that balance is something i look forward to figuring out. 

so while i determine this balancing act, like some amateur gig in the circus, i’ll try to keep this quote in mind: 

“que sera, sera… whatever will be, will be…”