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every season new trends come and go, and i usually try my hardest to not spend a ton of money partaking in them. the animal sweater trend is going to make this extremely difficult. from burberry to j.crew, these sweaters are popping up everywhere and i couldn’t be more excited. so far i have the madewell meerkat in my possession, and i know i’m going to add more (or once again, i’ll attempt to save money as my mom insists and not buy more…)

also thank you to alex winston (and the j.crew store soundtrack) for the title inspiration, this song is amazing!

mini meerkat pullover from madewell… my love for the lion king has come in handy!

a foxy sweater from aubin & wills (cheesy pun, i know…)

i called this the chicken in a beret sweater at work until i put together that it was called the french hen sweater… very clever j.crew, very clever

i would love to give this burberry owl sweater a hoot and a holler! (cheesy puns will keep on coming…)

this sweater is one of my favorites, but it’s sold out and out of my price range!