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sophomore year is beginning next week and i couldn’t be more excited. new classes, new experiences and new moments with friends all await me, and starting sunday everything picks up again. i’m starting to pack (which has turned out to be absolutely hellish), and narrowing down clothes, jewelry, shoes and all of the above, hopefully learning from last year’s move in. for the next few days posts won’t be as frequent, but to tide you guys over i thought i’d share my dorm design scheme. i love the way everything came together, and it just so happens this is the one thing i have figured out!

anthropologie rosette bedding in neutral/ivory, which i got during the bedding sale (plus my bday discount)!

assorted pillows from anthropologie, west elm (both sequin ones were on sale!), and etsy (striped)!

a piece of home!

something came over me and i had to get this… i don’t know why, but i love it. all it needs are gold glitter antlers and it’s perfect!

cutest products from sugar paper that manage to stick to my obsessive color scheme…

and last, but not least, the calendar that gets me through everything