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buying birthday presents isn’t always an easy task. sometimes the celebrant is hard to buy gifts for, the present isn’t just right, or you don’t want to spend a lot of money. in my opinion, it’s nice to give someone something special that you can do for them. for me that something special is cooking, and i figured gifting my friend with a “meal ticket” would be perfect.

i used card paper, printer paper, some glitter balloon stickers and sharpies to put together the tickets (in my opinion, the tickets were more of the gift. they were too pretty to give away, but i had to!) six meal tickets were given, with basically no string attached, so any meal can be chosen… in the future, i need to establish more ground rules when it comes to cooking for boys.

meal number one was used today for breakfast (eggs, bacon, toast, sausage, fruit, the whole shebang) and even though it was a production, i love actually being able to cook in college.

so for all of you who never know what to get a friend, give them something that means something, whether it be homework help, cooking, a painting. just make it count.