Imagei am constantly amazed by:

1. how quickly time flies by

2. the ever growing lack of time in my life

i feel as if i’m always told to seize the day, enjoy the moments, etc., but in all honesty this can be difficult to do. my workload seems to be constantly increasing, and the more i get done, the more seems to be due, and so on and so forth. i have a slight conflict with living in the present, because my mind is wrapped up in the future, and i miss out on what’s happening around me. fall is finally here, and i would love to be able to enjoy it… after midterms i should be able to take a leisurely walk around georgetown just because i want to, instead of doing it to fulfill a task. i give myself credit for recognizing that i need to situate myself in the present, but i need to do more to act upon it. so instead of a new year’s resolution, i have a fall resolution: embrace the present, let go of the past, and don’t focus too much on the future.. (also another resolution will be to cut down on my online shopping habits, oops.)