photo-8i’m back at georgetown for my senior year… seriously when did that happen? more than just when, but how? it seemed like yesterday it was the summer before my freshman year of college and i was making my way through every episode of “sex and the city”, imagining how i wanted my life to be. i had this scenario of how i thought everything was going to be and how i wanted to channel different characters as i started off this whole new chapter. i know, i know, such a cliché, but it’s what to be expected from someone like me. now that i’m in my last first semester and in my senior year i don’t really know where the time went. the girl who was watching “sex and the city” before starting georgetown seems like a totally different person than who i am today and i’m more than okay with that. i may have had this idea of what i wanted my college life to be like and some of it came true and some of it was different than i expected and so far i love how it worked out. there have been ups and downs (especially this past summer) and every moment has made me who i am. yes that last line sounds like something you’d read on a hallmark card, but i love cheesy lines and it couldn’t be more true. so here i am starting my senior year and watching the series finale of satc as i write this blog post, which seems very fitting, and i decided to finish up with a very cheesy carrie line… “as we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. and when that happens, i guess she has to let go of the could, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going.”