tumblr_m7qlu3uMO11rytfqio1_500so today is that special day… valentine’s day, and everywhere i go i am reminded of that. from my instagram, to facebook, or even just seeing lovebirds flitting about campus, so in love they just can’t even handle it. this year though, i happen to have a man in my life. yes i do, and i happen to be wearing his shirt today. i don’t want to reveal too much detail, but i guess i will share this: he’s a player for the new york knicks. yes, my man happens to be carmelo anthony. clearly this is a total joke, but love is about dreaming, and clearly that’s what i’m doing. i will wear my shirt loud and proud today, and as cliched as it sounds, celebrate myself and the friends i love and care for. (and maybe walk around campus listening to love in this club by usher, because clearly that’s what life is all about…)97befed64e086d0ece12b06c4b3f2642tumblr_m7mko62WSr1qkrl3co1_500tumblr_mg7vz2Iv5S1qct7qso1_500tumblr_mfusf6uWlZ1qazha9o1_500tumblr_meggqc1ib11rbqd2go1_500