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the title of this post is probably the closest representation of my relationship with fashion. my love for clothes and my “obsessive tendency” of checking up on my favorite brands and fashion blogs could be considered a crime (in the terms of stalking/possible restraining orders against me from websites, which if they existed i would have)… the punishment is even worse: new arrivals or holiday collections. it doesn’t sound like a punishment, but it is. if i could (and i would) i’d spend ALL my money on clothes, but at least i have a bit of restraint, and i’ve gotten much better about impulse buying. my biggest tip is favoriting things you love and waiting to see how long you think about them… if you forget about them delete it from your bookmarks, if not get it or wait for a sale. now before i get off topic again, let’s talk about madewell’s newest arrivals. literal perfection. the combination of color, warm and cozy textures, plaid and printed patterns, comfy accessories, and most of all, glitter, has me freaking out. the following outfits are so lust-worthy and definitely have a pieces i may have already splurged on… (sorry that the trapper hat looks like the most amazing thing ever)