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photo-5saying i like to make things is an understatement. since the time i could start crafting and cooking, i was in the kitchen or at the kitchen table making cookies or working on my latest masterpiece a.k.a. coloring in my disney colprbook. as i got older though i was able to try out new things, like scrapbooking. when i tell you i was obsessed with scrapbooking i’m not exaggerating, at all. me and michael’s crafts store were (and still remain to be) t for tight. i collected jolee’s stickers as if i had a hoarding problem, but it’s cool, i accept my eccentricities. now that i love fashion and clothes i decided to get crafty with them too. in no way am i fashion designer, but i like to do some diy projects now and again. i was on another blog, honestly wtf, and i saw their take on a sequined sweater, so i decided to try it out. let me tell you, that sweater took a hell of a long time to make, but it was so worth it. i also played around with a jean shirt and an old gingham shirt and patched it up, gave it a little heart (cheesy joke, once again.) basically, at this point in my life, i’m practically valentino.