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earring collagei’ve had this collage chilling on my desktop for a month, a whole entire month. don’t forget the fact that i have a little post it-note reminding me to write about these earrings. did i do that? no. should i have? maybe. there are times i put together posts a little bit in advance so i don’t fall behind, but sometimes it happens anyway. especially right now. with daylight savings comes the loss of time and sleep, add traveling back to school on top of that, and don’t forget throwing yourself right back into homework, and you can see why putting posts up can sometimes get iffy. the intentions are all there i swear, but sometimes i feel bleh and they all go out the window. so instead of getting completely off topic, the earrings pictured above happen to be elizabeth cole pieces, and i’m obsessed. i’d like to say i could rock the fishbones, but that might be the delusional, tired me speaking… the parrots on the other hand seem SUPER functional and simple, so i’ll definitely try to fit them into my everyday wardrobe!!