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there is one thing i love and hate about dc: the weather. it is constantly changing, and i really can’t keep up. at least back in ny, it’s always cold in the winter. i know it, i’m used to it, i expect (and my mom is from the midwest a.k.a. loves the cold), so i love it too. the difference in dc is that one day it’s sunny and warm, the next it’s monsooning, and the next cold and windy. no joke, this has happened this week, and it gives me whiplash. i love that dc gets warm really early, but i don’t love not being ready for the weather. i almost started spring cleaning yesterday to put all my sweaters away, but thank god i didn’t. today i was straight up shivering on my way to my morning class, cursing myself for making the decision to wear leggings and moccasins. so i guess i can begin fantasizing (no, no that kind) about spring weather and breaking out spring clothes, but until then i’ll just look at them online, and keep on dreaming. shout out to calypso st barth for having some amazing new arrivals, but i hate to break it to ya, you guys won’t be taking my money… (that’s a funny joke, who am i kidding, i have no self-restraint)