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tumblr_mh2l45ZYwN1r6to0ko1_500today is one of those days where i am seriously stressing. i shouldn’t be doing a post on here because i should be dedicating all time to studying, but i’m posting this during a class (so it’s okay!). anyway tonight is the night of my final finance midterm. i am beginning to freak out, but if i pretend i’m all good maybe i actually will be. something i have been doing is saving pictures of quotes i love and today is the day i need to look at them. so here they are for all of you! i hope they give you the sense of calm that i am so desperately seeking… (but really)6a0115705a75a1970b017d4209390d970c-800witumblr_mhlfr4cQym1qap29lo1_5006a0115705a75a1970b017c381262b6970b-800witumblr_mjuu3tYUrm1rx2y4so1_5006a0115705a75a1970b017d42709ffa970c-800witumblr_mg27xm7Ppd1qa431co1_400