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tumblr_mi14jaTg4S1s26xrvo1_500little know fact, but before i started my life in lipstick, i was over on polyvore, cranking out beauty tutorials left and right. now if you know polyvore you’ll understand this wasn’t the exact setting for doing tutorials, but i made it work. (http://mylifeinlipstick.polyvore.com) so there i was making tutorials and doing something i loved, because in reality, i really love doing makeup. i don’t talk about it a lot, but after college i want to go into the business side of the beauty industry. it helps to have the creative appreciation for it, but the downside is that i know sephora like the back of my hand, and for a while, all i did was buy makeup. even if it wasn’t to use, i just loved the packaging or the look. yes this sounds like a bad habit, but i liked to call it investment in my future (and i still do)… i think i’ll host some easy makeup looks/what’s in my beauty setup/what i always have on me, but for now i’ll stick with some looks i love. p.s. i’ve been known to do a mean adele tutorial back in the day, so be prepared for a re-emergence of that look.