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3007843-inline-inline-1-feature-175-jcrew-devil-wearssince the ripe ol’ age of 18 i have been an employee of j.crew, and i have been wearing the clothes since i was able to. i still remember the corduroy skirt with critter phase, the rainbow assortment of polos, and madras headbands. did i participate in these trends? you bet i did. looking back at this time in my life there’s a small part of me that cringes, but the other part recognizes the fact that j.crew has been there through it all. when i got older and learned more about the business and the inner workings i appreciated the brand so much more. from this appreciation grew a respect (or obsession) with mickey drexler and jenna lyons. they both stand as life/business/fashion role models for me, and any time there’s a chance they’re going to make a store visit i jump at the chance. i missed jenna’s visit last time… not a good time for me! anyhow, the way j.crew was turned around and made into a retail giant is crazy to see, especially from the point of view from someone like me, who has stuck with the brand since childhood. as a jcrew employee and a jenna devotee i definitely have a few tidbits saved here and there which serve as personal inspiration (try not to freak out over jenna’s office)… now it’s time to reveal them to the world (do you like the dramatics?)


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