tumblr_miw03nmv161rpe0jco1_500on monday i had my last class of sophomore year. my LAST class!! see, i’m the kind of person who freaks out about these kinds of things. i get emotional and reflect on the whole entire year, then begin to wonder where the time went, and then the endless cycle has begun. the good thing is that before i let my life become a whirlwind of feelings and emotions i remember that i do have finals and studying needs to occur. so as i sit here and write this post, i’m also in the process of making my roman archaeology study guide. oddly enough i am looking forward to this test (if that’s possible), but it’s because i actually love the class. it doesn’t help that i have don’t you forget about me playing on pandora and all i want to do is watch the breakfast club. (i know you guys would want to do the same) so maybe i should focus right now, which i swear i will, but in one of my final classes the other day we received some advice from one of my favorite professors. i realized i went off track all the way up to this point, but i feel like my ramblings somehow connect to each other by the end of my posts. it was something that was right up my alley, as my friends proceeded to point out while i copied down everything she said word for word. when she was speaking i thought to myself this is exactly how i feel, and i admit (not like it’s hard to) i love inspirational quotes and sayings so i wanted to pass it on. thank you professor thompson!!

on happiness: “remember that happiness is not what happens when we become a success at something. happiness is the ability to appreciate fully who you are, what you have, and life the way it is now.”

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