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photoso when i started to decide what photos to put in this post i was not expecting to get nostalgic, but of course i did. gathering up a few photos should be easy, but it isn’t once you start realizing how much time has gone by. although some of these photos seem like yesterday, they weren’t. i’m officially in my last week of sophomore year, halfway done with college, and i don’t really know where the time went. one minute i’m taking a photo of the first cherry blossom blooms this spring, or enjoying my first coffee, and in the next minute i’m figuring out what to pack to go home. (last year’s move out was straight out of hell… my mom and brother can back me up on that one) leaving school isn’t easy, i always get emotional (such an understatement), and hopefully this end-of-the-year farewell will be easier for me. in a sense, i feel like harry every time he’s leaving hogwarts; if you’ve seen the movies you know what i mean. at the end of every movie (or almost every movie) harry says bye to all his friends and off he goes. it always made me so sad, but now i get why.. leaving your friends and your home isn’t exactly a good time. georgetown has become home for me, and even though i’m leaving soon i will be back again, just like harry. (sorry, i had to)photo-7photo-8