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tumblr_mlgmhpKjbS1qa9ddao1_500i am back in good ol’ new york, and finally i feel like i can sleep! while unpacking my room i have also been preparing for a new job, so it’s been nothing short of busy. not to mention i injured my hand so it is currently wrapped in a little cast, making typing not too easy. once my room is done (i’ll post about it) i can finally feel settled in. one of the upsides of coming home is feeling like you don’t have to dress up, basically it’s okay to live in workout pants and t-shirts. i’ve realized i need to break this pattern and fast, so here are some outfits i am absolutely loving. (this also took me forever to type, i miss my fully functioning hand) tumblr_mlwtm4H1sK1qa3sufo1_500tumblr_mla3r5ZHR71qahe9so1_500-1tumblr_mgn1lpXUkn1qa3sufo1_500-1tumblr_mjxbu0swM51qbya53o1_500-1tumblr_mkc49o9fht1qzdcn0o1_500