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minka-kelly-hair-accessory-met-gala-detail-w724so last night happened to one of the biggest nights of the year for the stars, and for the people who happen to stalk what the stars are wearing, aka me. this big night is know as the met gala, and the theme was PUNK: chaos to couture. with a theme like that you know people are going to bring in the big guns, and that they did. i have never seen so many spikes, rocker hairstyles and vampy lips, and i loved every second of it. there were a few more tame approaches, like ivanka trump, but i was still feeling her all-american approach to the punk look. plus if i was a blonde and wanted to get colored streaks, her hair would be the ultimate inspiration. i definitely had a few favorites from last night (as you can see below) that some may or may not agree with (i think anne rocked the bleached blonde hair), but i think we all can say that minka kelly straight up channeled a punk goddess. girl looked unbelievable, and i want to somehow find a way to wear my hair and makeup exactly the way she did. even though i most definitely do not look like her, there’s nothing like a little wishful thinking.enhanced-buzz-wide-7859-1367894490-8enhanced-buzz-wide-9137-1367894538-7minka-kelly-met-gala-2013-hair-makeup-w724enhanced-buzz-wide-27311-1367893178-31enhanced-buzz-wide-4260-1367886863-23enhanced-buzz-wide-29740-1367887004-6 minka-kelly-met-gala-hair-accessory-w724enhanced-buzz-wide-384-1367893935-10 enhanced-buzz-wide-21042-1367895096-12enhanced-buzz-wide-24237-1367887025-10 enhanced-buzz-wide-3937-1367893059-5 enhanced-buzz-wide-17358-1367887127-8 tumblr_mmfrdlNXMl1sq4i63o1_500