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tumblr_mifarkUP1A1r7o4kzo1_500 during the school year i am extremely lucky/grateful to be an editor for her campus georgetown. i started off as a writer during my freshman year, which actually was the first year of our branch’s publication, and it has been one of my favorite experiences at georgetown. to top it off i get to do some pretty great articles, and the last one of the school year is an example of that. for the final piece i was able to interview inslee haynes, which was something i couldn’t have been more excited about since she happens to be one of my role models, and i figured a lot of georgetown girls would feel the same! before i even went to georgetown i used to go through her blog daily to catch up on her recent illustrations and whenever i saw them in publications i would get so excited (vicarious living i guess). after college inslee lived in dc and then moved to new york, so i am doing something pretty similar (living in dc for college, and moving back to new york after school), so i guess it could be called a residency reversal of sorts. one of my favorite parts of the interview happened to be something i wasn’t expecting. her favorite life quote, “this too shall pass”, happens to be our family quote and my favorite “line.” my grandpa used to always say this, my mom has it embroidered on her beach bag, and it’s honestly something i always say and live by. anyhow, if you check out this link you can read the entirety of the interview!tumblr_mmsg903eMG1rzpv7eo1_500tumblr_mm2w2edou41s0o47wo1_500